$1.50/1 Coffee-Mate Printable Coupon = FREE

There is a HOT new $1.50/1 Coffee-Mate printable coupon. This is good on any 15 oz or larger powder or liquid! This will make Coffee-Mate creamer FREE or better than free when you find a $1 sale, which happens often!

Check the Coupon Database to search for even more coupons or you can read my past post on my favorite hot printable coupons. You can read about how to save on ink while printing these fabulous coupons in my previous post “Tips for Printing Internet Coupons.”


  1. 6

    Lori says

    in response to the registering and downloading… ever consider that I am at the public library because I don’t have a printer??? I CANNOT download these programs!!! So I guess I am just screwed right???
    I buy so much coffeemate I should take up stock. It would really help to save a little money.

  2. 7

    Ben says

    Every time I look for a coupon for ANYTHING my search engine(s) lead to various sites that REQUIRE me to register my e-mail address. Ultimately, the coupons are either expired due to failure of the sites to update the information or I wind up with a gazillion unwanted e-mails from third parties…this despite the fact that I explicitly indicate I’m not interested in third party material and I don’t want to receive anyone else’s newsletters.

    Why can’t these coupon sites simply use a PDF or JPEG, TIFF, BITMAP, or other graphic format to allow us consumers to print the coupons we want? Don’t you realize that we already have enough junk mail in our inboxes & don’t want anymore???!!!!

  3. 9

    Edith says

    i did’nt know you were .i was trying to find coffeemate coupons.i would like to sign up if its free or do you charge a fee

  4. 10

    Matt Garrett says

    I AM NOT GOING TO INSTALL A STUPID COUPON PRINTER! If you want to give us a coupon, make it a PDF. That, along with having to register? WHO THE HELL HAS TIME FOR THAT?! Then again, I had time to gripe about it, didn’t I? LOL

    • 11

      Brenda says

      Your right!!! If you have time to gripe about it…you have the time to install the printer and save a lot of money

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