10 Unusual Uses for Kool Aid

10 Unusual Uses for Kool AidEveryone knows how inexpensive Kool Aid is, in fact you can often find it on sale for as low a dime per package. Since Kool Aid drink mix costs literally just pennies per package, it is often a staple in kitchens where staying on a budget is essential. But savvy shoppers will tell you they are not just buying it for drinking, they are buying it for all sorts of uses. Believe it or not, there are tons of frugal and fantastic uses for Kool Aid drink mix and none of them involve drinking it. Take a look below at 10 unusual uses for Kool Aid and see all of the ways this tiny packet of powder can be used in your own home. For only ten cents a package, you are going to want to stock up and get started on some of these great ideas today!

10 Unusual Uses for Kool Aid:

1. Perk up your yogurt.
You can add a few sprinkles to your plain yogurt and it will perk it up with the flavor you chose. How fun is that?

2. Give your applesauce some pop.
You can add a few sprinkles to plain applesauce and turn it into flavored applesauce. This is much cheaper than buying applesauce that is already flavored.

3. Make your own flavored lip gloss.
Mix petroleum jelly with a few sprinkles of Kool Aid mix to make a tasty flavored lip gloss little girls will love.

4. Make your own flavored soda.
Why not add a packet to your favorite club soda and make your own flavored soda for just pennies?

5. Flavor your cool whip.
I love this trick! Put a few sprinkles into cool whip and then use on your ice cream, cake, cookies, and more. Flavor your frosting as well this way! Just add a few sprinkles to canned frosting for a flavorful kick.

6. Make scented play dough.
Add a pack of Kool Aid to your play dough to add some scent as well as color! Knead in the sprinkles well until they are blended and you are ready to roll.

7. Make your dishwasher sparkle.
This is an easy way to get your dishwasher sparkling! Just pour one pack of lemon Kool-Aid in the detergent compartment. Then run a cycle without any dishes.  We even use lemon Kool-Aid in our homemade dishwasher detergent!

8. Check for toilet tank leaks.
Forget calling a plumber! Use cherry Kool Aid for this trick. Just lift the lid off the toilet tank and set it aside. Pour the drink mix packet into the tank. Now, just watch the toilet bowl. If you see the colored powder leak its way through the tank, then there’s a leak that needs fixing.

9. Make paint. Kool
Pour Kool-Aid packets into cups or jars and add a few teaspoons of water. Now just give the kids a paint brush and some paper and let them get creative!

10. Make popsicles for pennies.
Make Kool Aid as you normally would and pour into ice cube trays. Place a piece of plastic wrap over the tray and poke toothpicks through. Allow to freeze. Remove the plastic wrap and enjoy!

Did you know there were so many fun and practical uses for Kool Aid? Well now you do! Now the only question is, which one of these projects are you going to try first?


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    LeeAnn Parker says

    Try this fun trick: Mix Kool-Aid with rubbing alcohol to dye macaroni shells of all shapes. Spread them out on wax paper or paper towels and let them dry. Kids love creating artwork with the colored noodles. Stringing them on a string is fun, too! And the colors come out so bright!

  2. 3

    Mary Withrow says

    Those are really smart! I have heard of the lip gloss and tryed it but it stains and Im constantly licking my lips when I make it, lol. Never heard of the Toliet idea, love the play doh idea and diffinitely trying the whip cream!

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