15 Days of Couponing Day 12: Surviving the Checkout Lane

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Day 1: We all have to shop! Why not save money while doing it?
Day 2: The Language of Couponers – Translated!
Day 3: Where Art Thou Coupons?
Day 4: Know Thy Coupon (What does that fine print mean?)
Day 5: When to Use Your Coupons
Day 6: Buy Groceries, Pay for College with Upromise eCoupons
Day 7: eCoupons the Alternate to Clipping
Day 8: Don’t Get Mad, Get a Rain Check
Day 9: Advance Your Couponing Skills with Rebates
Day 10: Stockpiling
Day 11: Organize your coupon stash
Day 12: Surviving the Checkout Lane
Day 13: How to Handle Coupon Rejection

Spend a little time before heading out on your next shopping trip to stay organized and save time & money. You will get a feel for what works for you after awhile but here’s my before, during, and checking out strategies. All it requires is a less than $10 pocket file organizer and multiple envelopes. Use envelopes from bills/credit card offers you don’t use.

  1. Use my “printer friendly” version of my deal page.
  2. Look through the pages and cross out the items I know I don’t want/need.
  3. Search for the coupons by insert and then clip the coupons of the items I’m interested in.
  4. Write the # of items I want of each item by the item, check off the coupon to use as I find them so I know they are clipped.
  5. I then organize my coupons by aisle. I paper clip the multiple coupons together and then put the list and the coupons in an envelope.
  6. As I am shopping, I gather the items I want to purchase. As I am doing this, I find my coupons and place them in a separate envelope so I will be ready for checkout.
  7. For coupons I don’t use either because they are out of that particular item or I decide we don’t need it while in the store, I just place those in the back “To Be Filed.
  8. I do a quick double check of my coupons as I’m standing in line just to make sure I didn’t miss any coupons.

One additional thing I have been doing is carrying a 8 1/2″ x 11″ clear envelope. I place loose coupons, coupon booklets, and ads in this envelope. This has helped me a save a little extra because I usually find a few items on clearance or unadvertised deals which match up to my loose coupons.

My Coupon WalletHere’s the coupon wallet I use while shopping. I leave my purse in the car and put cash or my credit/debit card, loyalty cards, gift cards in the outside pocket. I have extra coupons in different sections in my coupon wallet in case I find something that isn’t on my list that I need, unadvertised sale, or clearance.

As you get more comfortable with using your coupons, you will find it a little easier to shop with your children with your coupons. Good luck to you!!!

The 15 Days of Couponing will guide you through the art of couponing. It is a skill that you can learn and maximize to the full potential to help your family and help others. So if you are interested in cutting your grocery budget in half or more, read yesterday’s edition and stay tuned for the next edition!

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  1. 11

    Jennie says

    I found a nice black wallet coupon organizer with a flip out notepad for taking notes – at Walmart. It was located in the school supply area with other accordion files. Mine was about $8.99, and I feel was worth the cost. I bought it about a month ago, and I have seen them re-stock this item. It is very popular.

    I use the notepad for tracking how many purchases I’ve added to my cart during Kroger Mega Events, and for jotting down things I must remember to buy. I never go to the store with a full list, because I tend to put too much on the list. I prefer to use the coupons on hand as my list, and try to only purchase what I have a coupon for.

  2. 12

    Christine H says

    My method of organization combines a little bit of all your suggestions but all my coupons go with me to the grocery store in two “Photo Brag Books” (Dollar Store) each one can hold 96 @ 4″ x 6″ photos so they are perfect for coupons. I can see all my coupons at a glance. I keep one book for food related items and the other for everything else! I group the coupons by kind – Frozen Foods, Dairy, Canned Goods, Drinks etc and find that this works very well. Before I go shopping I print my “Sale List”, add prices and the expected cost of each item after coupons and then pull the matching coupons and paper clip them to the list. I use your suggestion of an envelope to pull and keep my coupons in as I load my cart. My local Publix is quite used to me now, coming in with my green recycle shopping bag full of my “couponing stuff” I also keep a pen, calculator, note paper and scissors in my bag, just in case!!!! You have no idea how much your blog helps us all out here!!!

  3. 13

    Alexandra says

    Hello Ladies.

    If anyone can help me with whre I can get the black wallet.
    I dont have Meijer store close by me so I would love to purchase the wallet online. I would like to know the brand if possible. Or if somebody can buy it and post it on ebay so I can buy it right away.

    Please email me with any information you have.

    Thank you so much !


  4. 14

    Nicky says

    I love this series!!! It has taught me alot. When will you be doing the last three days. Sorry if I sound impatient. Thanks.

  5. 15

    Heather says

    I got it!
    I found the same one at Meijer this morning!!!! It was $5.49 with the office supplies. Thanks Briana! This will be som much better than my “brag book” that I used to hold coupons….

  6. 16

    Heather says

    Hi Briana
    Do you know who makes your coupon holder? I have been looking and your right its hard to find a fabric based one- If you know the brand, maybe I can find one-
    Thanks!!! I love your site!

  7. 17

    Bargain Briana says

    ilja – http://free.avg.com/ That is what I use and our computer guy said it was just as good as the paid programs! :)

    Heather – I found mine at Meijer, of course! It was around $7.99 or so? The dimensions are 5 1/2″ x 10 1/2″. I’m going to look and see if I can find one online anywhere! It is a fabric based…it is hard to find one that isn’t that plastic stuff. I don’t find the plastic durable. My fabric one is very durable and expands well! Love it and it is hard to find! :)

  8. 18

    Heather says

    Where did you find your coupon wallet?? I am looking for something just like that- (so far I haven’t found anything!)
    Any info. would be helpful (and appreciated)!!
    (like where ya purchased it- how much…)

  9. 20

    ilja says

    i know this has nothing to do with this topic but do you know where i could download the things that will remove my virus infections that my computer has.
    i heard they had one you could download on your computer for free.thanks.

  10. 21

    kim says

    I also count my coupons before I go through the check out land- and depending on the cashier- write down the # of coupons per price point. Sometimes, they will accidentally skip one or the computer printed ones get stuck together.

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