Aldi Deals 3/3



Aldi Deals 3/3 – 3/9

New to Aldi? Check out these saving strategies!

NOTE: I use a Central Indiana ad. Your sales/price may vary from region to region. Please check your local ad for details.

  • Bananas, $0.39/lb
  • Red Grapes, $0.79/lb
  • Grapefruit, $0.35/each
  • Pineapple, $1.99
  • Green Grapes, $0.79/lb
  • Sea Net Tuna Light in oil, $0.59
  • Sea Net Tuna Light in water, $0.49
  • Seat Net Albacore Tuna, $0.99
  • Sea Queen Catfish Fillets 16 oz., $3.99
  • Sea Queen Crab Legs, $3.99
  • Sea Queen Jumbo Cooked Shrimp 12 oz., $3.99

Be sure to check out the rest of the week’s grocery store deals and drug store deals!

Looking for a grocery or a location I don’t cover, head over to The Frugal Map for a blog listing in your area!

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