American Express PASS $25 Reload Bonus

PASS from American Express is a new prepaid reloadable card parents load and teens use! Use it anywhere that American Express Cards are accepted including in stores, online, at restaurants, and more! You can track spending online, which is what makes it different than prepaid gift cards,  and get discounts and special offers.

Right now when you use promotion code 25AMEXPASS, you will receive a $25 bonus on your PASS card when you make a reload (minimum load is $25) between September 1, 2010 and November 30, 2010. The card must be active at the time the $25 bonus is fulfilled. Allow 4-6 weeks after your qualifying reload for the $25 to be credited. Limited to new PASS Card customers only.

Fees are waived until October 1, 2011 but are normally $3.95 a month charged to the PASS Card funding source and $1.50 ATM fee charged to the PASS Card.

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  1. 7

    Nancy says

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper for them to have a debit card from the bank, and avoid 3.95 monthly fees and 1.50 atm fees?

    • 8

      michelle faherty says

      seems good link not working also comment on the atm price could you answer american express will this help build credit for them yes no send your free 25 dolla cards to us moms maybe well up them monthly if benifeits by good credit to teach children other wise easy just to do atm as woman suggested may want to look into your site and mailing us the cards answer our ???? soon as possible i have confirmation money wanted to teach him saw this thought great idea but not waitn foreva thanx

      • 9

        Stephanie says

        The problem giving teens an ATM card is:
        1) if they are under 18 they would have to use a parents account and be an authorized user.
        2) other than the daily limits set on the ATM card by the account holder, there is no limit and you run the potential of having your teen over drawing or empting out your bank account (this happened to a friend of mine)
        3) Most banks won’t issue an ATM card in a teens name and they run into the problem

  2. 15

    cindy lackey says

    this is a wonderful way to teach my children the responsibilty of money and guide them along the way!

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