Camp Ibotta Bonuses: Blue Bell, Cutter, Ghiradelli, and More!


Summer Camp has started!   Camp Ibotta is a group of Summer Camp Bonuses that reward you just for redeeming Ibotta Offers. To complete each Bonus, all you need to do is redeem the number of offers listed.  When you complete a CampIbotta Bonus, you will unlock special Ibotta Offers as well as the next Bonus. For Summer Camp 1, simply redeem any 3 offers. By doing so, you will unlock 3 additional Ibotta Offers that can be redeemed for cash, and you will also move on to Summer Camp 2 to unlock even more offers. Good luck as the only way you can receive these special Ibotta Offers is to unlock them through Camp Ibotta Bonuses!  Hurry as these Bonuses, along with the special offers, expire on August 31st.

Summer Camp #1 Bonus (redeem any 3 offers to unlock the Decadence Collection)
The Decadence Collection – 3 special offers (all retailers)

1) Blue Bell Ice Cream Any novelty bar variety – 6 ct. or larger $.75
2) Ghirardelli Brownie Mix – Any variety – any size box $.75
3) Sweet! Treats! Combo $1.50
Product 1: Hostess Twinkies for any variety, in 6 ct. or larger.
Product 2: Little Debbie Swiss Rolls for any variety, in 6 ct. or larger.
Summer Camp #2 Bonus (redeem any 4 more offers to unlock the Great Outdoors Collection)
The Great Outdoors Collection – 4 special offers (all retailers)
1) Coppertone ultraGUARD Sunscreen – Spray or Lotion varieties – 6 oz. or larger $1.00
2) Banana Boat  AloeAny After Sun variety – 6 oz. or larger $1.00
3) Cutter Insect Repellent Spray Any variety – any size $.75
4) Hiking Trail Combo $1.50
Product 1: Purell Hand Sanitizer for any variety, in any size bottle. Offer excludes Purell Sanitizing Wipes.
Product 2: CRYSTAL GEYSER Alpine Spring Water for any size, in 2 ct. packs or larger.

Ibotta is a iPhone and Android app that allows you to save by watching videos, sharing on Facebook, taking polls, and other various activities. It’s really simple to do and since it’s on your smart phone, you can do it anywhere. The best part is, you don’t have to show your phone or any coupons at the register. Instead, you are given the money as a rebate into your Ibotta account. Read more about How Ibotta Works.

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