Halloween Popcorn

Halloween Popcorn Idea

Tweet Popcorn is pretty much a staple snack at our house. It’s really easy and quick to make, and if you air pop it from kernels, it’s even healthy too. (Although the stuff in the bag is so, so yummy!) […]

Mini Mummy Pizzas

Halloween Recipes - Mini Mummy Pizzas

Tweet These spooky looking mini mummy pizzas are a fun snack or dinner that your little spooks will love! They are super simple to make, which makes it an easy dinner to make before the big night of trick or […]

Scarecrow Snack Mix

Halloween Snack Mix

Tweet One of my favorite parts of celebrating any holiday is making fun theme foods, and Halloween is no exception. Actually, I think Halloween might just have the biggest selection when it comes to cute snacks and treats you can […]

Halloween Treat: Witch’s Brooms

Witchs Brooms with Reeses

Tweet When it comes to Halloween treats, some of us are more creative than others. But even if you are a proud member of the Creatively Challenged Club, it’s okay. Today’s Halloween treats are SO simple that anyone could make them. But […]

25 Crock Pot Recipes

Slow Cooker Recipes

Tweet I am all about saving money! I am also all about saving time and use my time efficiently considering I am a wife, mom, blogger, and I also work outside of the home. Not to mention that my kids are […]

Apple Monster Mouths


Tweet When you think of Halloween, “healthy” is definitely not an adjective that comes to mind. After all, whether your kids go trick-or-treating or do some type of alternative event, chances are they are going to get candy up to […]

25 Pumpkin Dessert Recipes

Pumpkin Dessert Ideas

Tweet Fall is pumpkin time! I love pumpkin everything if you can’t tell. If you are wanting to try out some new pumpkin recipes, I’ve put together this great list of pumpkin recipes. From homemade pumpkin roll to pumpkin whoopie […]

Overnight French Toast with International Delight Vanilla Caramel Creme

Overnight French Toast with International Delight Coffee Creamer Recipe

Tweet My youngest daughter has been begging me to make my Overnight French Toast recipe. It is such a fun treat for the kids in the morning, which makes it a great way to kick off the school week. It […]

Copycat Starbucks Recipes Fall Favorites


Tweet Fall is a great time for warm delicious drinks from your favorite coffee shop. The price of these drinks can really start to add up over time. We’ve put together a list of all of the fall favorite drinks at […]

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Recipe for Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Tweet I have yet another pumpkin recipe to share with you. Pumpkin is something you either love or hate and I LOVE everything pumpkin. You should be starting to find the Pumpkin Puree in Aldi stores soon if it isn’t […]