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Do your coupons look like this?


Lavonne at Economic Endeavors posted an article on how she organizes her coupons. It made me think about how I organize mine. Right now, my coupons are some what organized. I’m never as organized as I want to be. Is anyone? The more organized I keep my coupons, the more I remember to use them, ie the more money I save…so I try to stay on top of it!

My system is similar to Lavonne’s. I basically do the insert method with a few modifications. The insert method does not require weekly clipping of every coupon. Every person has a different style of what works for them. I found, it took me forever to cut them, sort them, and file them when I clipped them weekly. PLUS, I could never remember WHERE I filed them.

So here’s the system I have found that works for me…though I’m always look for ways of improving it.

Each week, I mark with a Sharpie the date of the coupon insert on the front.


I then put them in my red 12 pocket file organizer (picked up at Staples for around $7.99).


These are organized by date and insert type.


I also have a hard box with file folders where the older inserts go.



For my weekly trips, I clip the coupons I need and put them in my handy dandy small black coupon organizer. (I picked this up at Meijer for around $7.99). I should have these tabs organized but they aren’t.


Basically I have a file for CVS weekly deals, Marsh weekly deals, Meijer weekly deals, Walgreens weekly deals. I put all the coupons I need for that week in separate envelopes. I also have coupons that I have previously clipped, in home mailers, or coupons know I will need in the future organized by type in separate envelopes. (It is nice to have these coupons in case I see a great deal that wasn’t advertised or clearance items.)


I also have a separate clear zip up folder (.99 from Staples) that I put all my CVS in home mailer coupons, printable coupons, and Beauty Book Coupons. I also have one of these that I used to put my mail in rebates or any other coupon deals.


This is my weekly ad/extra coupon drawer. It needs cleaned out and organized. Basically this is a drawer by my computer desk where I store my weekly ads and coupons I haven’t filed yet. I would like to say it usually more organized but then I would be lying to you. (At least I can close it and hide it away and pretend like it is not messy!)


and just for fun….this is where all of our incoming mail comes in before I sort it. Actually, this was after I tried organizing as much as I could….as you can tell, that area needs more work!


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