15 Days of Couponing

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So I’m just diving into this series, 15 Days of Couponing. Over the next few days, I will guide you through the myths of couponing, how to use coupon, where to find coupons, how to choose your stores and much more so you can hone your super couponing skills. You really can be like me if you try! (Okay, that is an inside family joke – one of my grandpa’s favorite saying!)

You will want to bookmark this page as it will serve as the central “hub” for all the posts in this series.

Day 1: We all have to shop! Why not save money while doing it?
Day 2: The Language of Couponers – Translated!
Day 3: Where Art Thou Coupons?
Day 4: Know Thy Coupon (What does that fine print mean?)
Day 5: When to Use Your Coupons
Day 6: Buy Groceries, Pay for College with Upromise eCoupons
Day 7: eCoupons the Alternate to Clipping
Day 8: Don’t Get Mad, Get a Rain Check
Day 9: Advance Your Couponing Skills with Rebates
Day 10: Stockpiling
Day 11: Organize your coupon stash
Day 12: Surviving the Checkout Lane
Day 13: How to Handle Coupon Rejection
Day 14: Ten Commandments of Couponing

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