Savings Club Monthly Subscription: Will You Pay for Coupons?

Will you pay for coupons?

Imagine my surprise today when I went to to look for a coupon and received a “Special” offer to join the Saving Club for $3/month or the special savings of $30/year.


The offer promises:

  • Higher value coupons
  • Early Access to Coupons
  • More Coupons from top brands using the Coupon Finder

Sometimes it is worth it to pay money to save…only time will tell if the Savings Club is worth it.

Anyone else received this? Will you be signing up?


  1. 14

    anne says

    I signed up 2 days ago and for the life of me I can’t find the “yellow brick road” that takes you to the log in for the . club. I also wrote them an email them but to to no avail….they have a good thing going and it’s not coupons… :~)

  2. 16

    Catherine says

    Hi, I’ve been reading all of your comments with interst. I use and I’m usually a fan. This offer is a big disappointment and I think consumers should refuse and even boycott this offer. I see this as the beginning of a paid access website where the most undeseriable coupons will be the only ones that are free to the public.

    If we decline this offer, will have to leave the site as it is: free to the consumer. makes plenty of money elswhere, with advertisers and the companies whose coupons they offer. is a website paid for by advertisers to incent consumers to use their products. PLEASE, PLEASE, do not sign up for this offer – it defeats the purpose of the website and also defeats the purpose of couponing.

  3. 17

    karla says

    i signed up as well i dont really like it does anyone know how to stop it i cant seem to find a link or anythin and i’ve tried emailing but no answer :( if anyone can pls help

  4. 18

    amanda says

    I signed up for the service. Like Shana said I all ready pay for the newspaper. If it saves more than $3 monthly it’s worth the cost.

  5. 19

    Joye says

    Let me know how it goes girls. I’m new at this so I want to save not spend. I am willing spend if it ends up being worth it. Keep us posted! Still trying to figure it all out. I will say last week was my first week and I saved…ya ready…$38.00. I was so excited!!

  6. 20

    Linda says

    I kind of feel the same as Shana. They would have to be some really great, high dollars coupons for me to participate.

  7. 21

    Bernadette says

    I received the same offer from I think it kinda defeats the purpose when you have to pay for coupons. If we could see what is being offered, maybe, just maybe I’d consider it.

  8. 23

    Sharra says

    I joined the service about a week ago. It has only offered me 19 coupons that are “exclusive” and none of them are stellar, actually I won’t be using any of them. The first 30 days are free, and I may keep it for a few months to see what else they offer.

  9. 24

    Shana says

    I figured it would come to this sooner or later. Would I pay for coupons? I am already paying for them when I buy my newspapers. I never read my newspaper because 9 times out of 10 I already saw the information online. Will I pay additional money to use services? I really do not know. I think I am going to wait and if I hear good news then maybe I will participate. I will say at $3 per month, they better offer some outstanding, “never before seen here” type coupons.

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