Coupons, Coupons, Come out, come out wherever you are!

A question I have been asked recently is where do I find all my coupons? Besides Sunday newspaper coupon inserts, here are some other places you can find coupons. Always keep your eye out. I think my sensor just automatically can sniff them out anymore.

  • In Packages/Out of Packages I recently opened a pack of razors to find a coupon for $1/1 in them. The coupon was hidden behind the razor. I could have easily thrown it out. Always check anything wrapped in plastic in a package and the inside/outside of the box before tossing it.
  • Magazines Many national magazines have coupons in them. One of my favorites for coupons is ALL YOU. It usually has $40 or more dollars worth of coupons in it. You can get 18 issues at this link for $24. You will not be disappointed by your ROI (return on investment) on this magazine. You can also pick this magazine up at Wal-mart.
  • In the mail When you sign up for samples, newsletters for a product, many times they will send up a coupon with it. Look closely in/around the packaging for a coupon. For diaper coupons, many of the big diaper companies will send out quarterly newsletters with coupons in them!
  • In Store Brochures Recently I found some type of brochure (don’t remember because I was only interested in the coupons), at Meijer. It had a few good $1/1 coupons in it for items like Dole Lettuce that are hard to find. I always leaf through any in store magazine or brochures to sniff out any coupons.
  • Doctor’s Office Recently I found a Lysol display at my doctor’s office that had about $10 worth of Lysol coupons in it! They also will have samples on the desk lots of times with free samples and coupons in them.
  • Receipt Print Outs After your receipt prints out at many stores, they also have the capability to print out coupons. Sometimes they are store specific coupons or manufacturer’s coupons you can use anywhere.
  • Newspapers Besides insert coupons, sometimes you can score coupons in Parade Magazine, or in the actual print pages of the newspaper. Keep your eyes open when reading the paper. Or you can be like me and never read any of it and just scan for the coupons.
  • Blinkies at the Supermarket Many grocery stores have “blinkies”, called that because they blink, near products. These coupons are ones youusually can’t find anywhere else and can be used at any store, not just the store you find them in.
  • Tearpads Coupons, you can tear off, near a product are called tearpads. I recently scored $2.00 off 2 Capri Sun wyb any Nabisco Snack Pack Coupons. These are usually manufacturer’s coupons that can be used at any store.
  • Peelies Sometimes you will get lucky and there is already a coupon on a product you want to buy!
  • Online Printables either using a service like Smartsource,, or by visiting the specific product’s website.

Always keep your eye out for coupons! They are lurking everywhere, you never know where you will find them!


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    Bargain Briana says

    Anne – Good point! We were recently at a Airshow where they were giving out 18 lb bags of dog food & $5/1 coupons! (Lucky for us, we had a stroller and were able to get a few bags! We don’t have a dog but my parents do!)

    Bargain Brianas last blog post..Over the Hump Happenings 8/27

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    Anne says

    Another place is event tickets and programs! Went to a show last night and on the back of the ticket there was a free donut coupon for Dunkin Donuts. In the program was a $5 off an entree coupon for a local restaurant and a coupon for Rita’s. So read those programs and keep those tickets!

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