Deal Pulp $5 Referral Credit Issues?

If any of you had any issues with the $5 credit from Deal Pulp yesterday, Deal Pulp has informed me that it was just a glitch in their system yesterday. If you did not receive your $5 credit when you signed up through my link, please contact Deal Pulp and they will gladly add a credit to any accounts affected by the glitch.

We want to check in with you all again just to clear up some recent confusion regarding the $5 credit given to those who sign up for DealPulp through a friend’s referral link.  While this offer is still valid, for a brief period of time yesterday a glitch in our system prevented some qualified users from receiving their credit.

If any of your readers did not receive their $5 credit when signing up through your referral link yesterday, please contact us here( and we’ll gladly add a credit to any account that was affected by the glitch.  We apologize for any confusion this caused you and your readers.

The Deal Pulp Crew

If you haven’t signed up for Deal Pulp yet, be sure to do so to get your $5 credit. This credit may be a limited time offer and you will want to have it in your account NOW in case there is another deal like the Target gift card deal again!


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    CariAnn says

    I sent this email to DealPulp on the 13th (before I saw this post) and this was their response to me.

    Re: Today’s Deal: $5 Credit

    show details Jan 13 (3 days ago)

    You missed the offer. The free $5 sign-up credit offer expired yesterday.



    On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 1:09 PM, wrote:

    I signed up today but did not get a $5 welcome credit. Did I miss a step that needs to be completed?

    DealPulp Support Team

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      CariAnn says

      After I posted this, I replied back to DealPulp’s email with a copy of Brianna’s post above. They responded back and gave me the credit (and actually gave me $10 instead of $5!!) Very happy with the quick response to my email :)

  2. 9

    Olivia says

    There just HAPPENED to be a glitch in the referral system right after the Target deal started??? I don’t think so! I think they just didn’t want everybody referring themselves and getting the gift cards for $2 each!

    • 10

      Briana Carter says

      I’m not sure about that either. However, they are going to give people their credits if they still want them.

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