Dollar General Market Deals 3/30


Dollar General Deals 3/30 – 4/10

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    Nona A. Burnett says

    I do not know how you can under-price Wal-Mart, but I am so GRATEFUL for your EXCELLENT canned food & dry goods by Clover Valley as well as its ‘sister label’, Smart & Simple! Additionally, as a Baby-Boomer, I GREATLY appreciate ANY consumer product that is “Made In the USA”! Americans are doing without jobs because of excessive ‘out-sourcing’ overseas! Too few consumers realize that whenever a label states “Distributed by” an American company — that it is NOT the same thing as “Made in America” or ‘Grown in the USA”! Additionally, too many overseas Canneries use inferior metal and dangerous chemicals leach into the food or beverages! Consumers seem to have forgotten about the tainted food for humans and pets that not only made each gravely ill — many deaths were caused! PLEASE continue to stock Clover Valley/Smart & Simple ! Thanks!

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