Dollar General Shut Down Facebook Page?

Update: It appears the page is up and running now…maybe it being down was a glitch?

Bill left this interesting comment on a past post about Dollar General coupons:

Dollar General shut down their Facebook page. They had a lot of complaints from customers because of them rejecting so many coupons that they were overwhelmed and bowed out of Facebook altogether. It really shows their character.

Sure enough, I tried to access the Dollar General Facebook page and it is no longer there. Have you had an issue at Dollar General redeeming your coupons? What do you think of a company shutting down their Facebook page because of issues in stores?

Let’s hope they are fixing this issues in stores and educating cashiers so they can open up the Facebook page with the coupons again!

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  1. 11

    Penny James says

    When I was having issues with my local DG store in Tell City, IN, I posted on their fb page as did people from other areas. Rather than address the issues, they just deleted all our posts!!!!! As was said, “shows their character”!!!! I don’t think they give a crap about their customers or their employees!!! If they did, they would fix their system, educate their employees about coupons and make it easier on all of us. Instead, they choose to just ignore all of us. I am NOT a fan of Dollar General!!

  2. 12

    Rachlea says

    I have never been able to use internet printable coupons at my local Dollar Stores. I have 3 in my area. Even though they have printbables on their site. Its really sad that stores do not honor their coupons, :(

  3. 13

    pattie says

    just went to dollar general , had a coupon for a free item, didn’t have a problem love going there…have never had a problem…we have two in our small town and they are veryi nice and never complain or give me a problem with coupons…thanks

  4. 14

    Nanette says

    A good company would side with the customer, even if it means losing a little money, and tell their stores to accept the coupons until they get the situation figured out.

  5. 15

    Jenny says

    It really does show their character. I worked for them and it is NOT a good company to work for. All they care about is their profit and nothing else.

  6. 16

    Jill says

    I haven’t had any trouble with them accepting my coupons because I do shop there frequently. They do give me a hard time when I pay by check though. I don’t have a debit or credit card, so that’s the only way I can pay right now. But, if they were offended by all the negative comments, perhaps there needs to be some changes in how they do business with the public.

  7. 19

    april yedinak says

    I have never had a problem with Dollar General in the town where I live, but I have had problems with other locations. It is all about training their employees.

  8. 20

    Mary/Sweeping Me says

    Like you said it shows their character. I don’t shop in Dollar General. I don’t feel I missed anything.
    Thanks for the post!

    Mary/Sweeping Me

  9. 21


    Yep, I stopped going to Dollar General because they kept telling me if a coupon made an item free, I wasn’t allowed to use it.

    How ridiculous is that???

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