Extreme Frugal Confessions: The One Where I Couldn’t See

Extreme Frugalness. Tight, cheap, stingy? You know what I’m talking about and personally, I love it.

– Practicing or marked by economy, as in the expenditure of money or the use of material resources.

– Most remote in any direction; outermost or farthest: the extreme edge of the field.
– Being in or attaining the greatest or highest degree; very intense:

No, I couldn’t see what was right in front of my face.

The first step to any problem, is admitting you even have a problem.

No, my chair was fine. There is nothing wrong with this chair.

Don’t talk about my precious chair. The precious chair we’ve had for 8 years that we only spent $39.99.

Don’t diss it. Just don’t do.

It serves its purpose.

Okay, maybe there is a few holes in it but it works.


Is this REALLY my chair?

Heart Chair

I seriously just couldn’t see it until my mom confronted me directly about this chair.

It has since been relieved of its duties and replaced with a luxurious yet obnoxious chair.


Now it’s your turn.

You know you have a confession to make. To what extremes have you gone to save a buck this week or in the past?

Link up or leave a comment. Leave it anonymously if you want – we won’t tell!


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  1. 11

    Denise says

    I haven’t had a haircut in a year. And I need frequent haircuts cause my hair is curly and now super frizzy cause the split ends have taken over. The sad thing is that just down the street is a great salon that washes, cuts and styles your hair for only $15. But I just can’t bring myself to spend the money. I’ve even contemplated cutting it myself but I can’t cause it’s layered.

  2. 14

    Jenna says

    I finally found the 16oz I D creamer at Target! Kroger has been out forever. I was OOT visiting inlaws…and was on a mission not to let it expire! My cheapness seems to happen a lot when I am CO visiting family. When I leave KY I now pack a suitcase in a suitcase just for the great deals I get. I have more time in the store since my mom is with me as we have no family in our city.

  3. 15

    Lovesabargain says

    I hate to buy myself new clothes, so I wear and wear my old clothes until they wear out. One example is a blouse I have proof in a photograph when my son was around 1 year old of me wearing this shirt, and I just very recently decided to retire the shirt because the hem is out of one sleeve. (Son is now 22 years old). I also have to think about what outfit I wore in say last year’s Christmas pictures so I’m not wearing the same thing every time pics are taken. It’s part frugality and part that I just hate to try on clothing! I also work like the devil to get any stains out and search for the BEST stain removers so I don’t have to replace shirts.

  4. 16

    Melissa says

    I’m with you, if your chair was still functioning and comfortable, there was nothing wrong with it.
    Thanks for the saving money tips.

  5. 17


    I don’t have a tip, but as a fellow Colts fan, I have to agree with the “luxurious yet obnoxious chair” line!!! Hilarious…yet it does look comfy. :)

    Oh and I did make a special trip last night to try and find International Delight coffee creamer in the pint size (It expired last night, and it was free- the one I got on facebook)…everyone has the 32 oz. size, but no 16 oz. size to be found anywhere. So, a lucky military family in Germany is going to get a free coffee creamer – hope they have them over there!
    .-= Idaho Jill´s last blog ..Skin MD Natural 20% discount code! =-.

    • 18

      Briana Carter says

      Its very comfy! My mom bought it for my husband for Christmas a couple of years ago but it sat in the box for almost a year & a half! LOL!

      I HATE it when FREE coupons expire because you can’t find the product!

  6. 19


    There was nothing wrong with your chair! :) It reminded me of when our refrigerator went out two years ago. We’re a family of 4 and I was staying at home with our 2 kids at the time and we were short on extra money. Well we happened to have a mini fridge (aka beer/drink fridge) in the garage that was left over from college. So we moved it to our kitchen and lived out of it for a year! It wasn’t easy at times making room for everything, but it was actually a frugal way to eat because we didn’t have much room and we ate up all the leftovers instead of throwing it away! The hardest part was the lack of freezer space! Luckily one of our friends had an extra one that they gave to us so we were good! After a year we decided to get a “new” fridge and found a used one for $50. It works great and we have plenty of room!
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Weekend and pictures =-.

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