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Formula 409 Baking and Cleaning Holiday Giveaway Package

The holidays are a fun time of the year with the baking, cooking, family dinners, and other parties. It is fun but it can be messy! Clean up is really a huge deterrent for me to bake or cook. According to a recent survey, 58% of American would entertain more if they didn’t have to worry about the clean-up.

Luckily, Formula 409® makes it easy to clean up kitchen messes so you don’t have to fear the end of the night clean up from the big parties, meals, or big cooking days. Formula 409® goes beyond just counters. It can clean many types of kitchen surfaces and has you covered no matter where the cooking oil splatters. I’m always surprised how far oil splatter can travel.

Formula 409® Antibacterial All-Purpose cleaner easily cleans grease and other kitchen messes, while killing 99.9% of germs on hard non-porous surfaces. Formula 409® is also available in Glass & Surface Cleaner, Natural Stone & Steel Cleaner, and Carpet Spot & Stain Cleaner so you can clean all of your surfaced.

To help you get through the cooking and entertaining messes of the holidays, Formula 409® is giving a holiday baking basket away to a lucky winner. It includes fun bakeware, but more importantly, the Formula 409® you’ll need to easily clean-up the mess.

Visit Formula for greasy content and to learn more about tackling holiday and everyday messes in the kitchen.

How to Win?

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Giveaway ends on Monday, November 25, 2013 at 3 p.m. EST.

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**Please note: The companies have 6-8 weeks to ship prizes.

Holiday 2013 Giveaway BashThis giveaway was sponsored as part of the Win Giveaways Holiday Giveaway Bash. Products were received for review from Formula 409®. No other compensation was received. This Post was written by me and was not edited by the sponsor.  Read more on my Disclosure Policy. Find more information on the terms for this giveaway on the Win Giveaways Facebook page.

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  1. 68

    karen medlin says

    My biggest mess cleaning up dishes and counter tops when we cook any type of caramel, or brown sugar, mostly our caramel popcorn.. leave the counters trashed while we try to mix it all up

  2. 98

    Becky H says

    I always seem to make a mess when baking. I made the Pioneer Woman’s vanilla scones last week. They were great but a huge mess.

  3. 104

    Elizabeth says

    My biggest kitchen messes are scrubbing out pans. We don’t use nonstick cookware, so it’s hard to get the pans clean after making things like scrambled eggs. I also like how easy it is to have a quick dinner by frying up some hamburger patties, but I hate how much grease there is to clean up in the pans afterwards.

  4. 106

    Edward says

    My biggest kitchen mess is the stovetop and counters close by. We fry a lot of bacon and even with a splatter guard, the oil goes everywhere!

  5. 117

    rust says

    My biggest kitchen messes are what’s left behind after all the company leaves, and every kitchen surface needs cleaning.

  6. 123

    Maryann D. says

    The sink area in the kitchen is the hardest to keep clean for my family. There is usually food splattered in the sink and around the sink.

  7. 125

    Karen R says

    My biggest kitchen messes are in the microwave. Food gets splattered, when certain people, don’t cover them. I won’t name names.

  8. 127

    cher says

    My stove and microwave always seem to be nasty. I use my toaster over a lot so my oven stays clean. I am constantly wiping down drips and dribbles off the countertops.

  9. 128

    Christina says

    I make a huge mess when I am baking and cooking… I have stuff everywhere, but my biggest challenge is keeping the cooktop clean even after I am done cooking, I struggle with that glass top looking dull all the time and I hate it.

  10. 131

    Amelia says

    My biggest kitchen messes are usually baking related– somehow I manage to trash every dish in the kitchen, get flour on the cupboards, and spill something in the oven all at once!

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