FREE Pack of Stride Mystery Gum for Facebook Fans

Become a fan of Stride Gum on Facebook, then click on the picture in the Mega Mystery Tab to receive a FREE pack of Stride Mystery pack gum.

Thanks, For the Mommas and Common Sense With Money!

While you are over at Facebook, I would love you to join the Bargain Briana fan page!


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      Briana Carter says

      Try FF or any other browser. apparently the system isn’t working with Internet Explorer. Actually, just use FF from now on! ;)

  1. 5

    Jaime says

    Just a heads up – I tried to get this. It asks for you to enter your name and birthdate to do an age verification. When you enter that in it goes to another screen that then told me I was too old and wasn’t eligible. Wow – I’m only 32 and I still like gum!

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