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We have been Weber Grill fans for years so I was excited to be asked to be part of Girls Grill Too! In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be posting about my experience with my Weber grill from my vegetarian perspective.  I still cook meat for my family and since I have to feed them too, which makes for a good idea on how to balance these meals for the entire family.

As you know, sometimes getting a bargain isn’t necessarily about buying the cheapest product out there. For me  it is also about quality. Weber is what I consider a gold standard for grills from my own personal experience.  Plus, Weber has a complete line of Budget Friendly Grills!

We’ve had our current Weber grill for over 7 years now and it is still going strong, which is saying a lot about the durability considering I have the tendency to destroy almost anything in my path.

I probably would have just purchased a inexpensive grill if it had been up to me. However, my husband was really, really wanting a Weber. Initially, I was hesitant because of the price tag. In the end, the quality and durability from Weber has won me over and it is the grill I would recommend to my friends and reader.

How would you like to win a Weber Grill for yourself?

One of the biggest grillin’ days of the season is coming up – July 4th! In celebration, five bloggers are giving away a One-Touch Silver Charcoal Grill (value $100+).  Like I said previously, these grills are known for quality and durability, which means it a great value for your home. There is no reason to settle for less and have to buy a new grill every couple of years unless you just like wasting your money!


Weber has a page of great FREE downloads you can download today to get started with some tasty meals!

  1. Girls Guide to Grilling
  2. Grilling What’s Good for You
  3. Steak Bootcamp
  4. Barbecue a Turkey

How to Win?

Prize: (1) One-Touch Silver Charcoal Grill

You can enter up to 4 times PER DAY with the following methods:

1. Leave a comment on this post with your favorite food to grill.

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This giveaway was sponsored by Weber. Post was written 100% by me and was not edited by the sponsor. Read more on my Disclosure Policy.

Stop by $5 Dinners, Balancing Beauty & Bedlam, In-Store only Christmas Price Guarantee, and Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures for more chances to win a Weber Grill.

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  1. 601


    I tweeted your post (darleenandgregg) and Love grilled turkey burgers. Not premade. I also love grilled corn but I have to practice because I never get it as well as the street fair grillers.

  2. 614

    Anne says

    Pork tenderloin – brined in a sugar-salt-water solution, then coated with olive oil and a delicious spice rub.

  3. 616

    Aaren says

    My favorite thing to make on the grill is steak fajitas. I use one sirloin steak seasoned with a favorite steak rub for our family of five and we usually have a bit left over! I slice one onion, one red pepper, and one green pepper and grill those in our grill basket. Also, wrap the tortilla shells in aluminum foil and put those on the warming rack of our gas grill. Add some shredded cheese, sour cream and salsa and you’re set!

  4. 623

    Robin says

    WOW! Only a few comments on here.

    I am really looking forward to winning this so that I can learn to do some smoking and try some new recipes!

    Maybe some Jalapeno Jerk Ribs…mmmmm sounds good!

  5. 628

    Leah says

    We love to grill peppers, onions and potatoes on kabobs! We’re actually going to grill porkchops and kabobs tonight. Hope we can grill on a new Weber…!

  6. 636

    Angela Cote says

    I often grill chicken because no matter how you prepare it… it always tastes great on the grill. Grilling is the best because of the easy clean up especially in the hot summer months.

  7. 672

    jill says

    We like to grill all the regular stuff – hot dogs, burgers, chicken breasts. We also recently began grilling pizza!

  8. 698

    patricia williams says

    I like to toss veggies in olive oil , salt, pepper and wrap them in aluinum foil. Just grill for about 10 min or so till done.

  9. 700

    Christina says

    I’m the griller at our house! My fave is bratwurst soaked overnight in dark beer and grilled to perfection!

  10. 707

    Amber MacDonald says

    I like on Facebook Bargain Briana and Girls Grill Too and I added the message as
    “Amber Lusk MacDoanld”

  11. 710

    Kim Holsapple says

    One of our fav things to grill is sliced zuchinni, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with parm cheese. Slice the zuchinni thin so it will cook fast. Bet you can’t eat just one.

  12. 713

    Brigette says

    I’m a girl and I think I grill better than my hubby (shhhh…) I love to grill tortillas and other breads on the grill :)

  13. 718

    Janice says

    We tried something new for the 4th today and now I have a new favorite for our grill – Bacon wrapped deer steaks! YUMMY!

  14. 719

    Laura says

    Oh, My favorite thing that I’ve had grilled ( at a friends house) was onions mushrooms garlic butter and some potato chunks!.

  15. 732

    gloriana says

    I’m already an e-mail subscriber. I appreciate all your hard work. Thank you for an opportunity to win a fabulous grill.

  16. 737

    Sheila Sams says

    We love to grill burgers, pork chops and of course Hot Dogs!

    Have a Happy 4th and Thank You to all our Armed Services past & present for the sacrifices you have made! and Girls Grill Too! are giving away a Weber Grill! Stop by to enter!

  17. 756

    jane fague says

    I grill all the time …GREAT time and kitchen clean up saver !!! Weber does make a good grill we have had them ! ……I lovvvve steak on the grill (sorry Bri !) ………i love veggies grilled too !!!!! hey garlic salt is really yummy on your grilled asparagus !!!

  18. 764

    Angela Powers says

    My favorite food to grill is Pork tenderloin. We coat it in a rub and cook it on low, smells wonderful but it takes an hour or so to cook!

  19. 766

    Nicole P. says

    Love making cheeseburgers with swiss cheese and ranch powder mixed in. Cooked it tonight on the stove… would love a grill to use!

  20. 779

    Jenny says

    I follow you on facebook, and just entered your address into my google reader. We absolutely love to grill potatoes, onion, green pepper, carrots, celery, and yams in foil packets on our grill. Just a little butter adds even more flavor.

  21. 781

    Sarah S. says

    Daily entry
    I want to try to grill asparagus. I read a neat trick. take skewers and spear 4 or 5 asparagus together to make a little mat and then grill. That way you don’t lose any. :)

  22. 782

    Dawn says

    Love, love, love grilled veggies! We used to make foil-packet dinners on the grill when I was younger. Does anyone on here do that?

  23. 784

    Janice says

    Would love to win the grill! In the summer, there is nothing that I don’t cook on the grill. I LOVE to cook bananas (slice in 1/2 and leave peel on) and pineapples and then make a sundae with them. DELICIOUS!!

  24. 785

    Danielle Rush says

    I like to grill steaks! I have a really good marinade recipe that allows us to buy less expensive cuts of meat and marinate them and you cannot tell they aren’t the most expensive types. Take 1/4 cup vegetable oil, 3 T lemon juice (I have substituted pink lemonade mix and it worked too) 2 T teriyaki or soy sauce, 1/2 tsp. garlic powder, 1 tsp celery salt and 1 tsp cracked black pepper. Marinate an hour to overnight. It works on chicken and pork too!

  25. 809

    Linda Grohman says

    My favorite food to grill is fall off the bone Ribs(cook in oven then grill)and brown sugar topped pineapple slices and vegetable kabobs. Love it and love to grill.

  26. 810

    Ashley says

    my fav. food to grill is pork loin wrapped in bacon! my dad makes it amazing on his weber grill!

  27. 820

    Michelle L. says

    I like to grill foil packets. It’s kind of like a hobo dinner, but in foil and on the grill. Put whatever you want in them. And easy cleanup.

  28. 823

    DeDe in Guthrie says

    Boneless skinless chicken or pork loin chops!
    I use the Weber Grill Creations marinade mixes for all our chicken or pork.
    It turns out so tender and juicy. Give them a try!

  29. 838

    AnotherBeautyBlogger says

    Anything grilled is my favorite! It doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s grilled I’m all over it!

  30. 859

    Michelle H says

    I LOVE grilling Corn on the cob…still in the husks. Just soak them in water for a couple hours, and then grill them. Then grab a tub of butter and peel the husks & roll the cob in the butter. add a little salt. MMM PERFECTION!!! … unfortunately, I am unable to eat corn on the cob right now because of my braces…. but you can guarantee that once these babies come off…then I am devouring a cob of corn!!! <3 Webber grill!

  31. 875

    Kristina N. says

    Grilling is so quick and means hardly any clean up! One of my favorite things to grill is artichoke. So good!

  32. 880

    Amy M. says

    I put the message as my facebook status and “liked” girls grill too. I already had “like” Bargain Briana!

  33. 885

    Christi says

    We’ve started cooking directly on the all natural charcoal! You wouldn’t believe how great everything tastes! Gotta love a charcoal grill!

  34. 900

    jodi trumbull says

    I have to say I love to grill steak kabobs that have been marinated. I love the favor that comes from the grill to the meat and the veggies…gosh better stop I am drooling and getting hungry!

  35. 914

    kelsey says

    I love grilling veggies straight out of the field! Nothing’s better than fresh corn and squash!

  36. 915

    Jennifer says

    Love, love, love to grill!!! I beat a path in the snow during the winter!

    I love grilled onions…YUM!!!!

  37. 919

    lis piquette says

    Ilove to grill veggies ,fresh from the garden , tossed with a lttile vinagrette and tossed on the gril (in my grill basket of course )

  38. 922

    Ciel says

    My fav thing to grill is a NY Strip Steak from the local butcher’s shop! :) I’m a medium-rare steak girl, myself. And I like to microwave sweet potatoes until soft-ish and finish them off on the grill as a side delish. :)

  39. 942

    Sylvia Nolen says

    Our wonderful Weber grill fell apart after many years of use. I’d love to win one to surprise my hubby.

  40. 964

    Ann Lang says

    My favorite food to grill is okra that I pick straight from my garden, toss with some olive oil and sea salt, thread on skewers with cherry tomatoes, and plop on our gas grill. I never really liked okra unless it was in gumbo, but grilling it draws out the moisture and turns it into a whole new game!

  41. 980

    Robin says

    I love to grill…chicken is great too. Instead of doing the “beer butt” chicken try red bull or a coke…I personally liked the seria mist myself.

  42. 991

    Maggie M. says

    Would so love to win this for hubby! We love grilling everything, chicken is by far the most common, corn on the cob, potatoes, everything!
    Maggie M.

  43. 994

    Debra Nance says

    Wow, what a great give-away! I can already taste the yellow squash, zucchini, onion and tomato hobo with some ribs to top off the perfect summer meal! IMHO you can put anything on a grill and enhance the taste at least 100%.

  44. 1005

    Darci says

    We love to grill chicken! My son is a picky eater, but throw some chicken on the grill and he devours it!

  45. 1010

    Dawn Groves says

    My favorite things to grill are foil packet dinners or baked potatoes marinated in italian dressing. Yummm.

  46. 1011

    Janet Lawler says

    I am already a subscriber to bargain Briana. I love to cook most every dinner on the grill during the summer. My Weber is currently about 8 years old and I would enjoy a new one.

  47. 1013

    Veronica Killebrew says

    I love grilled t-bone steaks…but my oldest daughter stopped eating red meat about 2 years ago so now I do more grilled turkey burgers than anything eles.n

  48. 1034

    Twila says

    My favorite food to grill is marinated chicken breast. And I could use a new grill. I use ours alot!

  49. 1035

    Emily says

    Pick me Briana!!! Someone stole my grill off my porch and I want to grill this summer SO BADLY!!!!!

  50. 1039

    Faye Inoue says

    I will grill just about anything! Everything tastes better grilled. I like shrimp, shish kabobs, chicken, teriyaki hamburgers, clams, oysters, ….you name it, I can grill it! (And yes, I AM a girl who grills!)

  51. 1040

    Kasey says

    We LOVE grilled chicken that has been marinated in olive oil, garlic, soy sauce, honey, and a few other special ingredients! YUM-O!!

  52. 1072


    Our favorite food to grill is corn on the cob – though we are also partial to fish packets: wrapping a piece of fish in foil with asparagus, dill, butter, and thin carrot slices). I have always wanted to try grilling watermelon though – I’ve heard it’s delicious!

  53. 1073


    I tweeted but I have to add another sentence because the browser says I’ve already posted that… (I posted it on a different blog giveaway on BB). LOL!

  54. 1075

    Sarah says

    LOVE TO GRILL! I adore chicken slow smoked wrapped onsome bacon! With veggies marinated in fresh herbs and olive oil on the side!

  55. 1083

    Wanda M says

    We grill so much of everything and with different recipes so it’s too hard to pinpoint a favorite!

  56. 1084

    dawn says

    I love to grill bbq bacon wrapped shrimp. Normally use a gas Weber grill, but would love to try it on this charcoal one. Thanks for the chance to try and win it. Good luck all!

  57. 1104

    Lizi Serrano says

    already get your email and already a facebook fan… and we love to grill especially corn on the cob and shiskabobs!!

  58. 1144

    Brooke S. says

    I am facebook friends with both Bargain Briana and Girls Grill Too. Posted message on my profile.

  59. 1145


    We LOVE a good rare steak, but also love to cook shrimp on a stick that has been marinated and basted with a butter/Garlic/Worchester Sauce ! (Great for Lobsters too!)

  60. 1152

    Jill says

    LOVE my husband’s grilled Hamburgers made with his personal recipe which includes Weber Gourmet Burger Seasoning! YUM!

  61. 1171

    Paula says

    I love grilled shrimp – when I’m lucky enough to get it… chicken marinated in a little Italian dressing is a close 2nd though!

  62. 1173


    My favorite food to grill is seafood – shrimp, scallops, fish, crab, lobster, clams – you name it! *yum*

    If we’re grilling on the cheap, nothing beats grilled pizza :)

  63. 1174

    Deborah says

    I love grilling veggies! I like grilling everything honestly because it doens’t heat up my house like the oven does!

  64. 1176

    Beth Trevethan says

    My favorite item to grill is shish kabobs!! I love the texture and flavor of the veggies that have been grilled!

  65. 1189

    Catherine says

    I love to grill steaks!!! Posted a link on fb subscribed to the news letter. What a wonderful contest! Girls can do anything boys can!!

  66. 1191

    Amy in OHio says

    Just liked and posted on both Facebook pages too!

    (can you tell I’m a little eager for this prize? lol)

  67. 1195


    Ooooh I’ve been eyeing those charcoal grills! Our Webber LP grill is still going strong after 9 years! Favorite grills food – steak!

  68. 1197

    Amy in OHio says

    SHRIMP! Marinated in a pesto sauce or even a light mesquite. There is something about skewered shrimp that makes me feel special!

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