How Meijer mPerks Works

Updated 4-23-2013

Meijer mPerks is a program to receive discounts at the register when you enter in your 10 digit mPerks number, which is the phone number you provide at sign up.

Here’s Some Information about Meijer mPerks:

  • Before you head out to shop, virtually clip the Meijer mPerks coupon you want to use.
  • When you get to the register, you will simply type in your 10 digit phone number to redeem your coupons at the register.
  • Check the eCoupon to see if it is a “Manufacturer’s Coupon” or a “Store Coupon” to determine if you can stack these coupons. If it’s a manufacturer’s coupon, you will not be able to use another coupon with the eCoupon as it will kick out the paper coupon.

You can get a $5 off coupon just for signing up for Meijer mPerks. You can also search the Coupon Database for the latest mPerks, Meijer Mealbox, and many more coupons!

Be aware that standard text message rates do apply if you don’t have an unlimited text messaging plan. Meijer is not charging for these texts but it is dependent on your cell phone plan. IF you don’t have unlimited text messaging, I highly suggest you set up a Google Voice account to receive and send FREE text messages via your computer.

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  1. 24

    Carmen says

    I liked mperks at first. The goals were achievable. I was able to get several in a month. Now after 5-6 months, they keep increasing the amounts I have to spend. At first it was $40 a month in produce or dairy to get x off. I believe the groceries was $350 or more and get $15 off. That I could do. But last month it was $80 a month in product or dairy or $950 for groceries. That is so unrealistic. My total budget for my family of 3 is $500 a month! I chose dairy as I had to get a lot from that department, but I was only spent $48 so therefore I odd not get ANY last month because you can only complete one at a time. I have decided that though I love Meijer and have shopped there for years, I will be shopping other stores from now on. So sad that they keep increasing the amounts you must spend in order to save because peoples budgets don’t increase nor does their consumption. I would think they would rather have loyal happy customers than losing business, but after emailing Meijer my concerns a week ago I have yet to hear back from them.

  2. 25

    Ashley says

    Let me preface this comment by saying I have been shopping at my local Meijer multiple times a week since the day it opened, spending upwards of $500/month there, and doing my grocery shopping and filling prescriptions exclusively there. There are definitely other grocery stores in my town with better prices, but I liked the produce at Meijer and got in the habit of going there. Many, many times I have had mperks not work. You are told to call some outside call center number that is not Meijer customer service, but a separate company that runs mperks. I always brushed it off and said, oh its just a couple dollars, and never went through the hassle of having to call. This last time, was frankly, the last straw. Mperks rewards had an offer stating “spend $80 in electronics between date x and date y, and receive $12 off your total purchase.” We do not normally buy electronics there because other stores are typically cheaper for those items. We had just spent $120 in electronics, and expected $12 to be taken off the purchase. It didn’t. Went to customer service. Were first told by a manager the offer excluded the items we purchased. Not true. It stated it INCLUDED video games on the offer. He just kept trying to make up excuses why our purchase wasn’t eligible for the offer. Then he gave us that number to call that we had received from CS so many other times. The woman at the mperks call center (between LAUGHING at my husband) said the $12 comes off your NEXT purchase. That is not what the offer said. It did not say spend $132 to get $12 off, or even $92 (if we had only met the minimum $80 and then come back and spent another $12 to get the savings). It was spend $80, get $12 off. Not NEXT PURCHASE. They could have just taken the $12 off our bill. Instead, they will be making $6,000 less this year. Do NOT put items in your cart that you would not buy if it weren’t for an mperks offer. There is absolutely no guarantee the coupon will work, and they will not correct it or adjust the price. It is pure FALSE ADVERTISEMENT to get you to put things in your cart and prey on customers not wanting to be embarrassed by holding up the checkout line to take things off that didn’t ring up the way they should.

  3. 26

    Luanne says

    I have used the mPerks 6 times now. I’ve also had to go back to the store for adjustments 3 times! This can be a wonderful system but a system that is only accurate 50% of the time is not acceptable!

  4. 27

    Mary Bancroft says

    I am reading the comments and concerns over mperks–the problems and praises. One person said that she was being charged for text messages from you, and she doesn’t have the texting feature on her cell phone. I don’t have the texting feature either, and if you DO charge for this I am going to cancel mperks. I don’t “clip” that many coupons to justify cost to my cell plan. Please respond. Thanks!

    • 28

      Briana Carter says

      You may get charged by your phone service provider if you don’t have unlimited text messages or have a limited plan. MEIJER does NOT charge for these text messages. (and I personally am not charging as I’m not in charge of the mPerks program.)

      In my coupon classes, I suggest people set up a FREE text number via to receive text messages and voicemails.

      If you have any more questions about mPerks or want to speak to someone from Meijer – you can go here to contact them:

  5. 29

    Karen says

    I used it Saturday in Kalamazoo’s West Main store, and it only allowed me to receive $1.00 off my bill. It said $1.00 maximum had been hit. Not Happy!

  6. 30

    Katie says

    On the Meijer website in the coupon policy section it states very clearly that mPerks and Mealbox are considered Meijer coupons and you can use 1 Meijer + 1 Manufacturer per coupon – so if it doesn’t take both off at the register INSIST on it!!!

    • 31

      Lucy says

      I noticed on my mperks that some are store coupons and some are manufacturer coupons. You can only use 1 manufacturer coupon per item. So if your mperks coupon is a manufacturer coupon you can not use a paper coupon too. if your mperks coupon is a store coupon then you can use a paper coupon too.

  7. 33

    Amanda says

    I just signed up and had a coupon for $2 off purchase of $2 (instead of $5). Guess you get more money for working out the bugs in the system/signing up earlier!!

  8. 34

    Debbie V. says

    In signing up for Mperks, I notice that you must allow texts to be sent to your phone. Since I’ve not chosen text as part of my cell plan I get them at 20 cents per text. When it says that you can opt out of the text, does that mean you can still keep use Mperks number without having texts come to your phone?
    Thanks for all you do :)
    Debbie V.

    • 35

      Jean says

      Debbie, Hope you get an answer. I am waiting to hear the reply before I sign up.
      I also would want to opt out of text because it would cost me.

    • 37

      Linn Crescentia says

      It is not true that you Must sign up with a text. That is an option for activating the account. You may opt out of receiving texts without any hard feelings and of course still use mPerks. I hope this helps.

  9. 38

    Kristen K says

    My sister-in-law told me that she has been able to use both Mperks and manf coupons for one item. This was at the Ionia store (or maybe lansing, as that’s where she works). She said she wasn’t sure if it was because she used self check out or not. but apparently it has worked for her.

  10. 39

    LeAnn Lewis says

    I havent shopped at meijer in a very long time. Ill be moving back to Michigan next week. Heres my question….If I load a Mperk Q, and I have a paper Q of different values, which will it take? Should I give my paper Qs first, then the card? Will it make a difference? Thanks Im confused!

    • 40

      Linn Crescentia says

      At the register you will be given the option of choosing the paper coupon or the mperk coupon if there is a conflict. Your best bet is to put in your phone number and PIN right after the cashier scans your first item.

  11. 41

    Anne says

    Word of caution, watch the register very carefully when you are purchasing an item for which you have clipped an Mperk. The last 3 times I’ve shopped there, the mperks are not coming off. Today I specifically was watching because I was buying a duffle bag for which I had an mperk worth 20% off. The discount did not come off and the cashier was very rude and said he did not know anything about it and I would have to go to the service desk (which had a mile long line). I insisted he find someone to help him as I was not going to be forced to wait longer because their system did not work. He never did get the help and just manually gave me the discount. There are some kinks in this system. I hope they work them out because it is a great idea.

    • 43

      Briana Carter says

      No it doesn’t have to be a smart phone because you do it online before you get to the store! :) Looks like most of the major carriers work with the mPerks system!

      • 44



  12. 45

    Elizabeth Schroeder says

    Just what does “Before you head out to shop, virtually clip the Meijer mPerks coupon you want to use.” mean???

    Nothing we did indicated we were on the right track.

    • 46

      Briana Carter says

      You have to go to the link to the mPerks site, sign up using your phone number, then “clip” the coupons you want.

  13. 47

    Betty says

    I’ve actually been able to use the mperk, manufacturers, and mealbox coupons on one item, provided it was not b1g1 and the free one had the mperk. I am not sure if it is just the Cadillac store, but since our Meijer refuses to double coupons, I think this a little perk to make up for it.

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