How to Save at Whole Foods + My First Whole Foods Experience @WholeFoods

picture-2While the bargains may not be as discounted as your usual grocery store, there ARE ways to save at Whole Foods. I’m a new Whole Foods shopper as I stepped in the store for the first time ever this weekend. To say I was a bit shocked at the prices was an understatement.  Bryan, my husband, asked “Are you going to blog about THIS?” Of course, don’t I blog about it all. If you keep reading, I will give you some tips to SAVE! Yep, I did sniff the coupons out!

Why was I exploring? In the past three weeks, I’ve stopped eating meat for a variety of reasons. Mainly because I was just getting grossed out at what it is but also for health reasons. I can say, I haven’t missed it at all. Though, going vegetarian does require more planning and less options when dining out. I knew that Whole Foods would have more options and some ideas for how I could expand my choices.

Why Whole Foods? Whole Foods has high standards on their products. They offer only the highest quality natural and organic products available. They have superior customer service, empowering work place, environmental/socially responsible, and believe their supplier relationship are a true partnership. You can read more about all the good stuff here. Just walking into the store, you truly feel it is a different type of shopping experience.

I found some great vegetarian products to try that I wasn’t able to find offered at my local grocery store. Some veggie burgers, veg chicken patties, and Asian Brown Rice Salad found in the Deli section. The Asian Brown Rice Salad is yummy cold or warmed up. I used it as a the filling for some won ton wrappers I also found in the store.

365-ginger-aleMy husband grabbed a couple of 6 packs of the Whole Foods Cola and the Creme Soda. Both have no sodium, no caffeine and are made with 100% cane sugar which is something good I guess? I’m not really hip on all the specifics of eating the healthiest foods possible but it sounds good and they tasted good. Not cheap by any means and probably still not the healthiest choice but a better choice.

As I was checking out the cashier handed me a booklet with coupons.

My eyes lit up.

Did you say coupons?

So the booklet has many, many coupons in it for the items they carry as well as some money saving tips and budget recipes!

::Savings Tips::

  1. Weekly Sales Specials. You can view the ad online at Whole Foods.
  2. Sign up for the Whole Foods “Whole Deal” newsletter to receive the best store specials twice a month. Stock up on the items you use on a regular basis when they are on sale. Same strategy as with other grocery stores but the lowest possible price may be higher than your normal grocery store items.
  3. Coupons are also found in the magazine Delicious Living. Of course, I eyed this the moment we walked into the store.
  4. Whole Foods offers a volume discount. You can get more information at the Customer Service Desk. If you buy a full case or a certain amount of your most used item, you may get a discount.
  5. Buy generic. Whole Foods has their own product selection called the 365 Everyday Value line. You can save by buying the generic Whole Food Items.
  6. Follow @WholeFoods on twitter to get news, updates, special events, and more
  7. Manufacturer’s coupons for items they sale are accepted.
  8. Sign up for Mambo Sprouts for printable coupons as well as home mailers sent 3 times a year. Follow @mambosprouts on twitter too!
  9. Local Produce is usually cheaper and is more environmentally friendly.
  10. Sign your children up for the Kid’s club and they will get a free item like an apple or orange when you shop.
  11. His Better Half says if you sign up for their monthly adult tours, you will get freebies & coupons!

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  1. 19

    Tamar Knochel says

    Briana, I’ve been wanting to attempt Whole Foods lately, but haven’t had the guts to do it! I am SO excited that you went for me to test it out! :) I am so glad that you’re going to be keeping us updated on their deals so that we can save even MORE money! :)

  2. 20

    Brianna says

    Hi Briana! Thanks for your site,
    Today at Whole Foods I was told by the manager that they will not accept manufacture coupons stacked with store coupons. Is this true? Has anyone else had this problem? I got one of the store coupon booklets so I wanted to know. Thanks

  3. 21

    Cathy says

    Whole Foods also accepts competitor coupons. So if another store in the area has a coupon for, lets say $5 off, they will take $5 off your grocery bill. This is something I didn’t know until recently, and has really helped a lot.

  4. 22

    Bridget says

    I am a big supporter of organic and all natural food. I too, do not eat meat. You have great suggestions on here. I also wanted to add that if you take the store tours where they show you how to save money, “Healthy Wealthy and Wise” I think, they will tell you that you can also save on the case (large quantities) by buying them in that size PLUS when they are on sale. I have not tried this yet so I cannot confirm but was told on the tour that this is the case. Stipulation is also that they have a case TO sell you.

    Head’s up too: Oikos coupons are often out for $1/1 and it doesn’t specify size so keep checking the fliers for when these go on sale for $5/4- great deal for super yummy, fat free, organic, greek yogurt!

    Thanks for the great post and keep on Whole Fooding!

  5. 23

    Adi says

    Thank you so much for this information. Because of so many stomach problems & food allergies I have just discovered I have– (I now have to shop at Whole Foods most of the time) and it is a bit pricey.

  6. 24


    My closest Whole food store is 1 hour and 9 minutes away, not that I am counting – LOL But I love that store so much and the food is so good it is worth it! My store actually has mark down meat, like Krogers would , not sure if that is true for all locations. I go first thing in the morning and there is some good pickings. We cook allergy free/sugar free so this is a good store for us and love the bulk food section which is another good way to save money!

    As for trader Joe’s, that is a strickly prepared food store, nothing fresh (except produce), no fresh meat counter like Whole foods and all the food at Whole Foods is organic and the meat is HF/AF – not so at Trader Joe’s. Buyer beware.

    Blessings, Beth Ann

    Beth Danielsens last blog post..You know you might be a redneck if . . .

  7. 25

    NMP says

    I concur with Mama Bird. I did the grocery book thing and compared the prices to the other two grocery stores here in town with decent food – Smiths and Albertsons. Whole Foods – especially their generics are totally comparable and sometimes cheaper. I usually am willing to spend a little more for quality food. I figure I save on health bills and I know that we don’t need to eat as much as we do. I am buying local produce through a CSA which can beat WF hands down. Surprisingly (and most disappointing) both beat the local Farmers Market which is really spendy. Sigh.

  8. 26

    Mama Bird says

    I’m definitely going to start following you. I love Whole Foods and who doesn’t love a bargain as well. I always hit TJs and WF since they are right next to each other across town from where I live. If I did live near there, I would (with great glee) never set foot into a Kroger again. I despise Kroger.

    And once you get used to eating healthier products and try to buy the same quality at stores like Kroger and Publix, you will quickly realize that Whole Foods is not that expensive for what you are getting. And that TJs is a downright bargain!!

    Great post!!

    Mama Birds last blog post..Weekend Recap: It Was A Good One

  9. 29


    So on the Trader Joe’s vs. Whole Foods topic. I love both. Trader Joe’s has the best deals on premade foods that are delicious, cheap and gets me out of cooking, while Whole Foods ALWAYS has the better deal on produce (Trader Joes, what’s up with 29 cents per banana?). I am digging the Whole Foods coupons, plus the kids’ club is great on Sundays when you want to get the kids something to do, too!

    Lori Z.s last blog post..Fruitful Friday

  10. 30

    Angela says

    I find Trader Joe’s to be much more economical and the food is fabulous. They don’t have the same variety of foods but I can come out of there and still pay my mortgage!!

  11. 31

    Bargain Briana says

    Angela – You are lucky! The closest Trader Joe’s to me is almost an hour away!

  12. 32

    Lynn says

    I am so glad for this new Whole Foods post. I agree with Jill, getting lost in thoughts at WF, is like the same ‘awe’ as Target!

  13. 33

    Bargain Briana says

    Jill – I felt the same way! :) I felt like no way would I get out of there for under $100…but I limited myself to just $50…but I did get enough stuff for my lunch all week and for dinners for awhile + a few snacky things for the rest of the family!

    Cindy – No problem! Feel free to link up. I plan on getting next week’s ad up sooner! This one is almost over since I just started shopping there! :)

  14. 34


    Briana, Thank you so much for doing Whole Foods. I have been wanting to attempt them for about a month now and haven’t had the time. Can I link up to your site for now? You are the best!!

    Cindys last blog post..What’s For Dinner

  15. 35

    Jill says

    Love you post. I love Whole Foods. When I go in there I always just get lost in my thoughts. Kind of like going to Target:)

    Jills last blog post..April Savings: $502.61

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