How To Soften Towels

Soften Towels with Vinegar

After time, towels can lose their absorbency and become stiff. I’ve read that the main reason for this is the build up of fabric softeners. Once they start to get stiff, it’s harder to clean your towels and you may notice a musty type of smell no matter how often you clean your towels. The reason is this build up and there is an easy fix for it instead of going out and buying all new towels!

The fix? 

Our friend vinegar which is around $0.80 at ALDI or you can buy in bigger bulk at the discount warehouse stores. Just add around 1 cup during the rinse cycle or put in your fabric softener slot in your washing machine.

If you are worried about your towels smelling like vinegar, you shouldn’t worry as I’ve been adding vinegar to my laundry for awhile now and the clothes come out smelling fresh and nothing like vinegar.

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  • Katie P. - April 27, 2013 @ 12:33 pm 2

    Love putting vinegar in with the towels! I never use fabric softener with them, either, it just makes them less absorbent. :)

  • michele bauer - April 27, 2013 @ 11:28 am 1

    does this work on ur clothes too, an can u use wit the fabric softner, I like to hang my clothes outside wen nice weather. Thank U!!

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