How To Watch The Walking Dead For Free (First Two Seasons)

Walking Dead

I’m seeing a ton of posts from friends about the Walking Dead starting up again! If you are wondering what the fuss is, you can get caught up on the first two seasons for free! My 12 year old son got me hooked on this show this fall and it’s been our Sunday night show ever since.

You can watch the first two seasons for FREE on Netflix Instant Video. If you are new to Netflix or haven’t had an account for awhile, you can get a FREE one month trial here. You will probably only need a few days as it’s an addicting show. Block off a few days from everything else, you will need it! :)

Then if you want to get caught up on Season 3 (the current season), you will have to pay around $1.99 an episode on Amazon Instant Video or you can wait until next fall when it will probably be available on Netflix.

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