Jet Blue: $39, $69, $99 Fares

jet blueJet Blue is offering oneway non-stop flights for $39, $69, and $99. You must purchase today Monday, November 30, 2009 until 11:5p pm MST.

Awesome deal if Jet Blue flies in your city. Unfortunately for me there are no locations near me!

Read more details here.

Note: For travel from Washington/Dulles to Cancun: travel must take place on Saturday. For travel from New York City to Saint Lucia: travel must take place on Monday, Thursday and/or Sunday. For travel between Charlotte and Ft Lauderdale: travel must take place on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday.

All sale fares are valid in both directions, except for fares to Barbados; Cancun; Santo Domingo; Saint Lucia and San Jose, Costa Rica, which are valid for U.S.-originating travel only.

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  • Chris West - April 29, 2011 @ 7:41 pm 1

    Some great deal there, but as you say, you need to be in the correct city. I’ve just book between Newark and Boston for $49, which considering this is well over a year since this offer started is pretty good, even with fuel price rises. For those travelling to Europe, JetBlue have started a tie-up with Virgin for through flights to the UK.

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