Kmart: Smart Assist Savings Card – 20% off Select Kmart brands for Unemployed

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Kmart is offering a 20% discount on select grocery and drugstore Kmart brand merchandise to assist those who are unemployed through their Smart Assist Savings Program. To qualify, customers must present a state-issued id and a state issued unemployment benefits enrollment confirmation. You can enroll online to begin your savings.

Registrants will receive a savings card valid for up to six months from the date of issue, as outlined below.
o Cards issued in June will be valid until 12/31/09.
o Cards issued in July will be valid until 01/31/10.
o Cards issued in August will be valid until 02/28/10.
o Cards issued in September will be valid until 03/31/10.
o Cards issued in October will be valid until 04/30/10.
o Cards issued in November will be valid until 05/31/10.
o Cards issued in December will be valid until 06/30/10.
o Cards issued in January will be valid until 07/31/10.

You can also receive $10 coupon when you register!

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    Joyce Rhodes says

    I applied for my card in October. I never did receive my $10.00 in coupons. When I went to my local K-Mart store the Smart Assist Coupon would not scan. They told me they could not read the numbers when they tried to enter it manually. Needless to say I did not get my discount on my purchases. I came home and hoping to print a new coupon, had to reapply which was fine as the system let me do this. I printed my new Smart Assist coupon today and the numbers K-Mart employees said they cannot read aren’t even numbers at all they are little marks to the right and left of the number under the code bars. Now what? Is this going to happen again next time I visit K-Mart? Being unemployed I think this is a great thing that K-Mart is doing for us, but please get the scanners to work!

    • 10

      Briana Carter says

      You will have to contact Kmart to get your card! Sorry, I don’t have any control of that! Thanks, Briana

  2. 13

    Mike McCall says

    I went to KMart and spent about forty bucks, in hopes of using my discount card, much to my surprise, the card is only for “kmart brand products”, which, I didn’t even know existed.
    As a result, no discount, very disappointed, and, will make it a point to stay away from KMART, and, advise evryone I know to do so !

    • 14

      Sense and Sensibility says

      It was presented on the card that store brand items were the eligible products. If there is EVER small print accompanying any coupon, read it. One cannot refuse to shop at a store again because they did not comply with the small print. Sure advertisers put stipulations in small print, they have for years – by now consumers should know to actually read the print. ANY store you shop at that has coupons or discounts will have small print. Do you expect to stop shopping at all of them because the print was not read? If you do, don’t encourage others not to shop there – encourage them to read the print. If the print is there, small or otherwise, it is meant to be read. Not all consumers feel ‘duped’ because some adhere to that.

  3. 15



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