Make Money With Survey Companies

It won’t make you rich, but you can earn some extra money for taking surveys. Not all companies are legitimate and you should never have to pay to take a survey.

Before I started blogging, I was signed up with several companies to do surveys. One thing I suggest is setting up an additional email account to handle these requests. It helps to keep you more organized and then you deal with it only when you want to.

Personally, I would start by signing up for a few of them at a time just so you don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of emails you are receiving. Over the next few weeks, I will be highlighting these and other legitimate survey site

American Consumer Opinions: Take surveys for cash. You can cash out at $10.

Consumer Village:  Participate in the community to earn Amazon gift cards.

HCD Surveys: Do surveys and other activities. Once you hit 1,000 points you can cash out for $10.

InBox Dollars: $5 Bonus just for signing up. This site is similar to Send Earnings. You earn money for surveys as well as clicking on links in emails. You have to have $30 in your account to cash out.

My Points: You can earn points through My Points for taking surveys as well as many other ways to earn like just for clicking on emails. Instead of actual payment, you will receive points, you can turn into rewards like gift cards. Many times you will get points just for trying to qualify for the survey and sometimes that is quicker than actually qualifying for the survey.

Nielsen Digital Voice: Basically, you just sign up and allow them to track your digital movements each month for a chance at a $1,000.

Nielsen Home Scanner: You will be provided with a hand held scanner. Every time you purchase something, scan it and send them the purchase information. You will earn points to exchange for rewards. I tried this several years back so hopefully their scanners are better. Other people seem to really enjoy this one.

Opinion Outpost: Take surveys for points to earn Amazon Gift Cards. You can redeem for a $5 Gift Card when you have just 50 points. One thing I like about this one is it will tell you upfront the approximate amount of time the survey will take.

Send Earnings: $5 Bonus just for signing up. This site is similar to InBox Dollars. You earn money for surveys as well as clicking on links in emails. You have to have $30 in your account to cash out.

iPoll: $5 Sign up Bonus. Then you will earn cash on each survey you complete.

Survey Savvy: Pays $1 for each survey you complete. It is very easy to request your payments as they will send you a check within a few weeks after you submit your request.

Synovoate: Share opinions to win prizes.

Toluna –  Earn points worth $1 to $5 each time you qualify for and complete a survey! You’ll also earn for the polls and opinion topics you create! Each time you participate in or complete a survey you’ll be entered into a monthly $4500 prize draw!

What survey sites do you use?

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  1. 8

    Rebecca says

    The only one I’ve ever made money with is Vindale Research. I tried Global Test Market, but it took me literally a little over a year to make (and cash out at) 50 bucks. I am also a member of Valued Opinions. They don’t pay you in money, but with gift cards to major retailers-which is cool, too. With them, you can cash out at $20, although I have found that, while I receive alot of inviations for surveys from them, I never seem to “qualify” to complete the survey… Vindale, you can cash out in increments of $50. Sometimes the surveys are free, and other times they want you to try a service, so you may incur a fee (you gotta spend money to make money, right?). They pay twice a month (when you reach your 50 bucks), and you can request your payment to go to your paypal account, so it is immediate gratification :) I have found it quite easy to make $100+/month with them. Good luck!

  2. 9

    Victoria says

    I have been with Pinecone research for YEARS! They were known as Acorn Research when I first joined with them. You used to get paid $5/survey. Now, it is only $3. You have to be invited in by another member when they are accepting new applicants, but their surveys aren’t too long, and they are for good products. I’ve even got sent several items – that i’ve taken surveys on – to try out.
    Just make sure you respond to their “household questionnaires” and product surveys in a timely manner. The sooner you complete them, the more surveys you’ll get. If you ignore them, you risk being kicked out.

    • 10

      Laura says

      Is there any other way to participate? I’ve seen some sites say that when they open registration they’ll do it with ads on websites that you have to click on.

  3. 11

    leah gaskin says

    I recently started doing ones for Inbox dollars..I had no idea how many others there were and I was wondering if they were legit! Thanks for the helpful info! I cant wait to start earning more money on surveys!!!:)

  4. 12

    Paige says

    I signed up with Pinecone Research. Completed one survey, got my check, and then never received another survey. If you forget your password and username, there’s no way to sign in check the status of your account or anything because there is no “forgot password button.”

  5. 13


    It’s harder to get in to, but Pinecone Research is really great. They send out $3 checks for each survey as you complete it, with no waiting period. But as I said, they are picky on when they accept new members.

  6. 14

    Melissa says

    I use They give you points, but I have used them to keep up my magazine subscriptions, and even got the Wall Street Journal for my husband. They have gift cards, movie rentals, Skyrewards, Holiday Inn Priority Club points, just to name a few.

  7. 15

    Tabatha says

    This is a great blog for survey advice/opinions:

    I’ve done survey’s for a long time, my favorites are Opinion Outpost, Lightspeed and Opinion Place (which by the way, you log into once a week when you have time and they match you up, no emails) Give it some time, a lot of companies you will find aren’t worth the time you put into it. GL!

  8. 16

    Maggie says

    I also do Global Test Market, My Survey, and American Consumer Opinion.

    By far my favorite has been Survey Spot. I earned about $60 with them last year, taking a $2 or $3 survey here and there. They recently switched over to points and don’t seem to pay as much when you convert the points to cash rewards, but still a good survey site.

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