**New** Meijer Coupon Policy Changes


Here we go, yet another store will be eliminating doubling policies in select stores effective March 30, 2013.  We have already seen Marsh Supermarkets and Kroger in select markets start eliminating double coupons as part of their coupon policy.  Personally, I feel like this is a direct affect from TLC’s Extreme Couponing show and new federal tax increases that have went into effect this year.

As of right now (3/4), Meijer doubling policies are the same as they have been, which varies by region. However, most of you in my readership area have doubles up to $0.50 (two like coupons.)

Here’s what Meijer has to say about the changes:

In an effort to keep our everyday prices as low as possible, Meijer will no longer double coupons in select stores, starting March 30. However, we will still accept coupons at face value, and is still offering great savings to our customers with everyday low prices, weekly specials and mPerks digital coupons. Customers should check with their local Meijer store for details.

Once we have a list of the stores that this will apply to, we will let you know. In the meantime, we will still update you on the best deals using the Meijer Coupon-Matchups for the Cincinnati (Sun-Sat ads) and Indianapolis area ad (Thur-Weds).

This is such a bummer to those of us who count on doubling to keep our grocery budget low. Will this affect your family?

There are other ways you can reduce your grocery budget such as shopping at ALDI and using effective meal planning strategies.

Thanks Savings Lifestyle!

Check out the entire list of Meijer Weekly Deals.


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    A.Smith says

    Bummer. I definitely rely on the double coupons to keep the budget in check. Guess now I’ll shop at Wally World. I hope this doesn’t affect my Meijer. OAN, did anyone else notice that Meijer hasn’t done the 5% off grocery deal or $10-$20 off when you refill a prescription lately?

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    C.j. says

    I agree with you I think it is a direct affect of that Extreme Couponing show The amount of coupon fraud that’s committed on that show and flaunted had to have influenced stores to change their policy in some way. Not only that, I’ve also noticed in a lot of magazines I subscribe to that companies like Unilever and P&G have limited their coupon policy as well on the coupon Also, yes, this will impact my shopping. Like others I depend on double coupons to help meet my grocery budget. Paper products for me aren’t so bad since I always get those at the dollar store but groceries I always get at a supermarket.

    I still plan on using coupons but I guess I’ll just have to be more adamant about making “roll over”meals and using recipes. Also, to help cut down on groceries at least one week a month I “shop” in my pantry and then go shopping for just the things I’m out of. That way I use up some of the odds and ends foods or meal kits I have so they don’t get forgotten or go expire before I use them. I also do the same thing for frozen foods every few months, that way I don’t risk foods getting freezer burn

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