No More Rack Concerns Answered

I had an email from a concerned reader today worried that the Verisign Seal at NoMoreRack was fake because she could find it on the Verisign website. At first it concerned me bit since I’ve recommended this company on my website and Facebook page and I strive to maintain high integrity of the sites and companies I promote. I after doing my own research and contacting the company, they do indeed have a valid Verisign Seal and answered my email concern in a very timely manner!

When you search at Verisign, you have to search the exact name of the registrant, which in this case is SECURE.NOMORERACK.COM. You can see their certificate here. I feel confident that it is verified by Verisign.

I think it is good to question and to look into these things. However, I feel it is best to do a little research and contact the company before you spread rumors around the blogosphere that it is not a legitimate company. I do think that sometimes it is easy to wonder how these companies can offer such great deals and be skeptical. However, many of these companies are offering these deals in lieu of traditional advertising to gain loyal fans!

That being said, I’m still excited about this new daily deal site, which offers $2 flat shipping. Plus, you can still get a $10 off $20 purchase credit when you sign up at NoMoreRack .


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    Marina says

    I ordered a product that said right on the product page “Guaranteed Delivery by Christmas if ordered by 12/14/14″ I ordered 12/11 – since then I have been dealing with customer service reps because I received invalid tracking numbers and no one will commit to the delivery date. I am very unhappy and will be contacting the better business bureau if I don’t receive the product I ordered by 12/24 – I feel that this whole transaction was fraudulent on the guarantee of delivery and a fake tracking number was sent out to pretend you are shipping when you clearly didn’t plan on getting the product to your customers by Xmas. I am also filing a claim with PayPal on their practices.

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    Brandy Wright says

    I ordered a Christmas gift for my husband. They guarnateed delivery by Christmas if ordered by 12/9/13. It is now 12/17 and they are still “processing” my order. Christmas is in 8 days! They claim to have escalated the case to the vendor, but refuse to disclose who the vendor is. I have serious doubts that I will get this item at all.

  4. 27

    sharon cline says

    i ordered magazines off your website yesterday. i want to know if that put me some kind of magazine club that i’ll be charged a monthly fee?

  5. 29

    Mike says

    had the same problem with an ipad I ordered from there, they mailed it to someone else and then didn’t want to refund the money. I had my bank file a fraud claim and suprisingly enough suddenly they have a phone number! 1-800-538-9798 is their main office customer service line, I spoke with the company president supposedly, but considering he sounded 12 I doubt it. 7-10 business day’s I’ll have my money back. Hope this helps others!

  6. 30

    Tarry says

    I am suspicious since on the 2nd page of registering, they ask for a credit card number and one of the blanks is “expiry date”. This type of misspelling is always a red flag for legitimacy.

  7. 31

    Jarrad says

    I ordered a pearl necklace from them on November 21, it was supposed to be a Christmas present. It is now January 7 and I still have not received my product, and I have emailed them 4 times since then, and still haven’t heard anything. I would never recommend this site to anyone, they are as good as they say they are when it comes to customer service, and I can’t rate the products because I haven’t seen it yet. BUYER BEWARE!

  8. 32

    carol davis says

    I ordered just under $500.00 worth of electronics for my grandchildren for Christmas on Dec. 19. Never received and no response to my email to customer service.

  9. 33

    heidi says

    CRAPPY company. I have also not been credited for a return. They tried to say I didn’t return it, then I sent the proof from UPS tracking. Now they just keep NOT getting back to me! DOn’t order from here unless you want to be out money.

  10. 34

    Patrick Christie says

    If you’ve had concerns about NMR, this story won’t help massage them. I ordered a diamond necklace for my fiance on 12/1 which supposedly shipped a few days later with a delivery date of 12/8, tracking information provided. As I’m monitoring the progress of the shipment I notice it’s showing up in New York, which may not seem strange but I live in Missouri. So after the package shows as delivered in the USPS tracking system I start to get more concerned. Thanks to Holly, who posted the customer service number in this thread, I was able to get NMR on the phone. Evidently they were “updating” their address system, which sparked a test shipment to USPS, and somehow my address was in NY. They’ve since corrected to my actual address, the package hasn’t shipped yet, and some lucky NY housewife isn’t wearing my fiance’s necklace. Would have been a wise idea to send out a notification to your customers with pending orders that the shipping info they’d be receiving was a test and did not actually represent the shipping of an order. So after sweating the errant delivery for about 24 hours, including calling the USPS at 1100pm, I found out it was all for nothing and my package would ship when it’s done “processing”.

    First time NMR shopper, last time NMR shopper. BUYER BEWARE.

  11. 35

    Samantha says

    This is a terrible website. It takes forever to receive your items and I did haved to return an item, I sent it back with delivery confirmation, and they still after 2 months haven’t issued a credit or refund. I have contacted them 3 times they say just check back. They received the item back over 1 1/2 months ago. PLEASE BE cautious when ujsing no more rack. They really aren’t worth it.

  12. 36

    Holly says

    I found the customer service phone number 1-800-538-9798. Of course the recording tries to refer you back to the email address but supposedly if you call during business hours you should get a live person. I will be calling tomorrow because I placed an order on Nov 19th and it’s still not processed yet and they haven’t responded to my emails. Very mad.

    • 37

      Briana Carter says

      It usually takes a couple of weeks to get your items but I’ve always received my stuff. It’s not like Amazon shipping, where it’s shipped the next day! :) hope you get some answers!

  13. 38

    nik says

    Have any of you considered that a site offering these kind of deals runs out of stock rapidly? IDK, just seems a logical conclusion to me. Besides, they’re verified by verisign.

  14. 39

    Sonia says

    @Natasha or anyone one reading:
    Do you still have the phone number handy? I’m having such an issue dealing with this company in trying to refund me a purchase I made well over a month ago and never got. I’m done trying to use their email support since I’m now just getting the same email verbatim everytime I respond back! Any help would be great!

  15. 40

    Judy says

    I have waited over a 6 weeks for some toys from this company. Two weeks ago I emailed them, and they said it would be shipped shortly. Will never buy another thing from them!

  16. 41

    natasha says

    No more rack is a frikkin JOKE !! Order placed 14 days ago and never got a confirmation e mail, a shipping e mail, a tracking number, NOTHIONG ! The website says were here for you 24/7 customer service but you can only send an e mail and wait up to 24 hours for a reply ! I have sent several messages and always told the same thing” were sorry, your order is processing” blah blah blah ! Finally tracked down a number and the guy who answered just said Hello rather than a comapny greeting and after telling me that after 14 days the product was still not arrived at the warehouse ! Told him i was done with the games and to cancel my order but the little slim bag didnt cancel it ! Just went back to website to check and it still says processing. This place is a JOKE ! RUN !! Spend the extra couple bucks and go with a reputable company!

  17. 42


    i read your post about no more rack offering $10 credit and you missed out on it by not copying the code. That kinda happen to me.but i signed up to threw my friends link and they were offering a $10 credit to nomorerack if you signed up with them. i got the code and got the credit.The # is p1121, i thought maybe the code would work for you.i was already signed up and it still worked. if it doesn’t work heres her link so you can get the credit for nomorerack.i never heard of but i was happy anyway cause i got the credit.i wonder if the code is only good for the whole day. i hope this helps you. let me know if it works out for you. leave me a comment at my site. i read them before i post them.

  18. 43

    Candice D. says

    Shipping is $2 flat per item. Makes the smaller, cheaper items pretty expensive since it doesn’t matter how small the item is.

  19. 44

    Valerie says

    Hi Briana,

    I’m sorry, but when I click your links for VeriSign, I get an error page. Is there a problem with the link or is it only viewable by you?

    Here’s my issue: on VeriSign’s site to report seal misuse it lists this:
    “We are particularly interested in the following types of misuse:
    * The site does not employ an appropriate VeriSign service
    * The information on the seal’s verification page does not match the information of the site
    * When the seal is clicked, no information pops-up
    * The seal has been modified in any way
    * The seal is being used to promote phishing or illegal activities”

    And from the wiki article on VeriSign:
    “A pop-up window displays full business authentication information when clicked by a visitor.”

    Nothing pops up when you click the seal on Did they tell you why this happens in their e-mail to you?

    • 45

      Briana Carter says

      I don’t know but I will find out! I know that there are many sites that I shop at that don’t even have the Verisign Logo. It is is just one security tool. They do have an account which is what people who had emailed me earlier were concerned with because when they searched they couldn’t find it! I will look into it though and get back with you.

      • 46

        Valerie says

        Thanks for checking into it, Briana! We all appreciate your efforts.

        The thing about VeriSign is that they are an SSL service. Big companies like Amazon or Target have their own SSL system and don’t require VeriSign’s services. All that VeriSign does is make sure the people who say they own the domain do own it and that there is no malware on their servers. Their services are geared toward the sites (who are their consumers) in order to drive customers there by feeling safe – not necessarily the site’s consumer.

        Of course, it’s always a “buyer beware” market and I am personally being very wary of this site.

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