1. 12

    Linda says

    can you buy the off clip on here in canada ?if so please tell me where i have looked everywhere and still have not found them ..thanks

  2. 14

    Sylvia Hines says

    I do not have a printer. Is there any way you can mail me some coupons? If so, let me know and I will give you my address.

  3. 15

    BOB says



  4. 18

    Bargain Briana says

    Sorry Annette. This is an old post. I’m not sure why you are upset with me as I have no control over what the manufacturer’s offer!

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

  5. 19

    Annette white says

    What a shame to offer off clip on coupon on the intetrnet and noy have the coupon. Shame on you. My daugthers and i was very disappointed !

  6. 20

    Blue Moon says

    Not sure what you people are looking at but the BOGO offer for the new OFF clip on direct from OFF is still available and DID NOT Just expire (unless you printed your coupon 31 days ago and forgot to use it). You must go to the OFF site and enter your info for an auto print coupon that is valid for 30 days after you enter your info. I just did it today 5/26/09 and the BOGO coupon it just printed expires 6/25/09. Google “OFF clip on coupon” and the first or second link you see will be to the official OFF Clip On BOGO offer site. From there, enter your info while your printer is on and has paper, then it automatically sends the BOGO coupon to your printer after you hit the submit button.


    Blue Moon

  7. 21

    Briana says

    Yes, you have to be pretty quick on some of these coupons!

    Brianas last blog post..Delmonte Fruit Chillers Giveaway Ends 6/5

  8. 22

    Sandy says

    I was disappointed to find that the buy one and get one free had expired. I had just seen it a couple of days ago. It look like something we would like as we travel in a motorhome.

  9. 23


    For anyone who shops at Meijer, there is a mealbox printable coupon for $1 off one clip on repellent there :-) I would love for these to work! I have heard other people suggest putting a laundry dryer sheet in your pocket! Ha!

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