Pantry Challenge 2013 Ideas Week 3

As part of the 2013 goals and resolutions, I’m working on cooking with ingredients we already have on hand in our pantry and freezer. Here’s a few of the things I’ve found this week for recipe ideas.


There was about 3/4 cup left of Italian bread crumbs, which I used in a double batch of Italian meatballs using ground sausage from the freezer. I cooked the meatballs and then bagged in freezer-friendly bags for future use.IMG_5181

Lentils! I’m starting to LOVE lentils. I recently made lentil loaf (will be posted soon) and I used these in a three bean vegetarian chili that was spicy and delicious. This recipe will be posted soon too!


We have several cans of black beans, red beans, and adobe chilies that I used in the three bean vegetarian recipe I discussed above. I promise I will be posting the recipe soon. It was so spicy good!


This sad little onion has been in the refrigerator long enough. I ended up using it in the three bean chili. That wonderful chili was quite the pantry cleaner outer.


I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this whole wheat flour. I ended up making a bread that wasn’t recipe worth that was about half eaten. It’s gone, though!


I hate when I find something in the pantry and I don’t remember what recipe I was planning on using it in. You know how you think something looks good or sounds good in a random recipe. Then when it’s time to cook it, you don’t feel like making said recipe. Then somehow in the shuffle, the recipe, the idea, it gets lost. I have a pantry full of these types of ingredients. This Hulled Hemp Seed happens to be one of those ingredients. Bob’s Red Mill has a Hemp Burger and Hemp cookies that I may try this out on.


Again another ingredient I found that falls into the same situation as the Hulled Heep Seeds are these two packages of coconut flour. I used these in a brownie recipe, which was delicious and I will post soon. I still have quite a bit of this left and I’m looking for new recipes to try this in!


This 10 Grain Pancake & Waffle mix is perfect for breakfast! The kids LOVE pancakes and even though these were brownish when cook, they were all eaten up. Haha, they were eating something healthy drowning in something unhealthy (maple syrup.) I made a double batch and still have quite a bit leftover, which will make for more breakfast yumminess!

This is just a few ideas with some of the things we have in the pantry! I’m posting them to remind myself what we have available! What’s in your pantry that you need to use?


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    Amanda Yoder says

    Excited to see the coconut flour recipe, as we are gluten free so that is a new flour I’m learning to use frequently! Curious to hear if hempseed recipes taste any good as well.

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