Save By Watching Unit/Per Ounce Prices | Example of Where I Saved Per Ounce

Buying in Bulk? Do you do it? Oftentimes you can save money on buying the bigger size product and sometimes it is more expensive to buy the bigger size depending on what deals or promotions are available. I was shopping recently and noticed a glaring difference in buying the larger size versus buying the smaller size. In my situation it saved me money by buying the larger size instead of two of the smaller sizes.

Not picking on CVS, it was just the store I happened to be shopping at the time! :)

We needed some allergy medicine and I like to keep a extra bottle around the house too! I almost picked up two bottles of the store brand Allergy Liquid Medication, 4 oz @ $5.99 = $11.98. I know that’s not a great deal but I needed some at that moment and I didn’t have any in my stockpile.  Then my eyes went to the right and I noticed the larger bottle for just $7.29. It was a 8 ounce bottle. The math was easy to do on this one. Have you ever noticed the larger size is usually never double the smaller size. They want to make it confusing for you to do the math. I was happy to see the math was easy in this situation! :)

Option #1: 

Allergy Liquid, 4 oz @ $5.99
or $1.49 per ounce

Option #2

Allergy Liquid, 8 oz @ $7.29
or $0.91 per ounce

In this situation for our family, I choose the cheaper per ounce price since I know it’s something we will use. If it isn’t something we would use the entire bottle, I’d go for the cheaper out of pocket item. Obviously, I would have done much better if I had used Extra Care Bucks or waited for a sale but since I couldn’t, I went for the best deal I could find!

Allergy Medication per Ounce Compare

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