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During the holidays, it can be hard to stick on your normal sleep and naptime routine when busy visiting with friends and families. Here’s a few tips from Kim West, aka The Sleep Lady®, to help you create a calming bedtime routine, which is especially important during the hectic holidays.

Keep to your child’s regular bedtime as much as possible.  A later night here and there isn’t as problematic as multiple late nights especially if combined with skipped naps.

  • Be flexible with a nap schedule. If traveling in a car for a few hours, it may be easier on everyone if your little one sleeps right through the trip. Try to get back to your hotel (or relatives’ home) to have an early bedtime.  Remember, a well-rested child is better behaved and more adaptable to all the changes and new people they will meet while away.
  • It’s always best for baby to sleep in one place while you’re away.  Choose the home of one set of grandparents/relatives as a “base camp” and arrange to have relatives come there to visit your little one.  You can carefully explain to all concerned why your baby needs this, and to avoid bruised feelings, let all concerned know that the other grandparents/relatives would be the “base” for the next visit.
  • When traveling with your child, bring comfort items. Always bring along the lovey and pack a night-light.  Since there’s no such thing as traveling lightly with a small child, go ahead and take along favorite books and toys.

Cloud B  takes kids from playtime to bedtime with an enhanced Bluetooth-enabled Twilight favorite that enables access to personal music libraries to create customized lullabies for the sleep soothing Twilight Turtle.

Twilight Turtle Tunes

Twilight Turtle Tunes/ Cloud b/ All ages/ $51.95  (Buy on Amazon)

  • For the first time, Cloud b offers the award-winning Twilight Turtle with a sound option along with the original soothing starlight projections.
  • Parents can create their own lullabies with a downloadable app and stream their creations through the turtle from their iOS device via Bluetooth technology to soothe their babies to sleep.
  • Premium app at $1.99 allows parents to access personal music libraries and/or record their own voice or song to combine in the mix.
  • Free version of the app available with set playlist of songs and sounds.

cloud b Smart Sensor Nighty Night Owl

cloud b® Smart Sensor Nighty Night Owl/All ages/ $29.99 (Sold Exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond)

This cute and cuddly owl features cloud b® Smart Sensor technology to respond when your baby vocalizes. It plays soothing sounds and includes three sound sensitivity levels to adjust the sensor to environmental noise.

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  1. 34

    ysenia ramirez says

    I make sure that she gets to bed at a decent hour every night even though there is no school for winter break and also she love her night time tea that helps her rest.

  2. 35

    karen medlin says

    We keep to our routine, if we have family coming, I try to lay them down for naps a little earlier. If little guy gets out the routine too much, it is hard for him to relax and sleep at night.

  3. 37

    jennifer e says

    my kids are older but i find that if they need some quiet time we take it.. no one gets offended and everyone is happier in the long run.

  4. 40

    Kelly D says

    We extend our children’s bedtime by an hour or so, since they have the days off it doesn’t hurt their schedule too much.

  5. 53

    Christina says

    For the little ones, we try to keep their schedules as close to normal as possible.. we have a few days thrown in during the holidays thats not possible is it makes it extra important that we do stick to our schedule every other day… routine bedtimes is a must for us, not only for the little ones but for my oldest who has epilepsy and when she gets over tired its a huge trigger for her. We sometimes have to leave places early but its a must.

  6. 58


    We keep the same sleep schedules even during holidays so my kids sleep patterns do not become disrupted. It keeps things running smoothly that way and less crankiness.

  7. 61

    Valerie N. says

    I have found that taking my daughter for a ride in the car puts her to sleep instantly so we try to plan our trips around her sleeping on the way there.

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