SoBe Heads or Tails Instant Win Game

Play the SoBe Heads or Tails Daily Instant Win game for a chance at a variety of prizes including coupons! The game takes a few minutes to complete but I won a FREE coupon today that will be mailed to the house.

What have you won?


  1. 30

    chelsey says

    Sobe you really suck i won today and then they close it down!!!! i guess ill just buy something worth drinking now!

  2. 32

    tonya says

    my son has been playing everyday and finally won and its closed now he is heartbroken guess we wont buy sobe anymore it doesnt even say on this page its closed!!!

  3. 33

    tonya says

    my son has been playing and everyday buys a sobe he finally wins and promotion is over guess we wont be buying those anymore he is heart broken

  4. 34

    Kellie P says

    I’ve been playing since the game started. I’ve won about 30 FREE coupons. I won 1 t-shirt, and I’ve won 2 pairs of flip-flops. Hoping to win the backpack!

  5. 35

    Albert Demoran says

    I’m a winner under the cap: TAILS U WIN AE4RH4T76I
    What did I winner?
    My Birthday. . .8/14/45.
    Sent DATE: 8/14/2010

  6. 37

    Kellie says

    I’ve only won the free Sobe and B1G1 coupons. I even had a code in the lid of a Sobe. I was sure that would get me a prize, but it was still just a B1G1 coupon. Such a bummer. I’d like to win something different.

  7. 39

    Kathy Clark says

    I’ve been playing for awhile and I’ve won free Sobe and B1G1 coupons. Still trying for something different.

  8. 42

    Jennifer says

    I did this deal at CVS today. They only had some of the flavors marked as being part of the B1G1 promotion but actually all of the flavors were.

    The ad has a limit of 6 so you can buy 12 Sobe, use 6 B1G1 and owe $0.00 on a single transaction. We did 3 transactions today and got 36 Sobe Water for ABSOLUTELY FREE. I LOVE this Deal!!

  9. 44

    Kristen says

    Just won a t-shirt. I didnt put my real phone number hopefully I’ll still get it! Also got a Bogo the other day but didnt print/redeem it. Come on free coupon or itunes giftcard! :)

  10. 50

    Kelly says

    Awesome! I will save them for CVS. I’ve won 5 free bottles, a jacket and a $10 iTunes card so far.

  11. 58

    Amy says

    I won the BOGO q. I like Sobe, but I haven’t bought it in years. I’m not sure I’ll use the BOGO.

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