Target Toy Clearance – 75% off

Reports are coming in that the Target Toy Clearance – 75% off has started. Items may vary around the country and some items may still even say 50% off. You will want to check the price scanners to get the most accurate price. You can use coupons on these items if you have coupons.

Frugal Jacksonville Mommy has a list of the items along with prices she found in her Target Toy Clearance section! Looks like it might be a great time to start stocking up for next holiday or birthdays throughout the year.

Let me know what you find at your store’s Target Toy Clearance sale!


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    Are these NEW clearance deals? My Targets did it last Thursday and I got a ton of toys. Did yours have it last week too and then again this week or is this the first 75% markdown for your area Target?

  2. 8

    friend says

    Thanks for your post. I got a bunch of Toy Story 3 toys at my local target for 75% off. My question was, Is it still ok to give Toy Story 3 toys for birthdays this year, even though the movie released last year? Am not sure if I should keep them or return them. TIA.

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    Amanda says

    I just got home from Target and got $268 worth of toys for $66! I won’t have to birthday or Christmas shop for any of the kids on my list this year!!!

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