Updated Grocery and Sale Shopping List Formats


BargainBriana.com has some exciting news and changes within the grocery store shopping lists. Some of you may have already noticed these changes but I wanted to give all of you a full update. Plus, at this time I’m having some technical difficulties in updating my navigation bars so I want to make sure you have the most updated information in one place.

We now have dedicated pages for all the major store lists that we cover in just one click. All you will have to do now is bookmark your favorite pages and check those pages before you go shopping to get the most updated shopping list.

Here’s the stores covered under this new list making feature – more to come in the future:

New Icons

This is a new feature to our site, which I hope will make it easier for you to look at the list and find the items you want or should be purchasing for the week.

new icons

The Gold Star means it is a top deal, which is something you will want to stockpile for the week since the price is at a very low price.

The Green Keyhole means it is an unadvertised deal. These are not deals found in the weekly circulars. There are people visiting the stores each week to find these unadvertised deals to give you the best possible deals weekly! Please share in the weekly posts, on Facebook, or in the Facebook group if you find an advertised deal so we can all save!

Expandable Shopping List View

On our previous list tool, you were only able to add the items to your list. The new list will allow you to add the item as well as expanding the view so you can print the coupons directly from your list. No more opening a new page to print your list!

expanding lists

Socialize or Share Shopping Lists

The new shopping lists has easy ways to socialize, share, or email lists. Simply use the buttons at the top of the list to share or socialize. It’s great because you can share with the person who is doing the shopping in your household for the week and it tells them exactly what to buy.

Social Share Buttons

Upcoming Deals List

Another awesome feature is the upcoming deals list. You will notice a tab on many of the lists that the next week’s ad is ready! This means you can plan your shopping trip the night before or know maybe you should wait until the next ad starts before buying a certain item.

upcoming lists


If for some reason you are not seeing these updates, you may need to do a hard refresh of every deal page. It’s really easy to do:

  • Mac computers: Hit Ctrl+Shift+R at the same time while you are on the particular page
  • Windows Computers: Hit the Ctrl+F5 at the same time while you are on the particular page

We still will be using the previous list system for Marsh Supermarkets, Kmart, and Kroger (Central) at this time.

Let me know what you think about these changes!

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