Vino 2 Go Wine Tumbler (Sippy Cups for Wine!) $6.34 Shipped

Wine in a Cup


You can also find a great deal on these Vino 2 Go Wine Tumblers on Amazon – as low as $6.34 shipped!

At first I giggled to myself at the absurdity of the Vino 2 Go Wine Tumbler, then I thought – wow, this is a great idea! A sippy cup for ADULT beverages? I know a few people who need one of these!

  • Vino2Go is a line of sippy cups made for adults to hold wine without spilling it
  • These BPA-free tumbler cups are clear and, inside, have a distinctive wine glass shape

Hilarious, yet very useful! Get yours today!

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      I do not use my email much so don’t no if its right but I do want 2 sets of the wine glasses

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