Where to Find Red Plum Inserts in Indiana?

I just received an email from reader, Melanie, who let me know that the Indianapolis Star, like many others,  will no longer be carrying the Red Plum coupon inserts. This is a major blow as the Indianapolis Star Red Plum inserts had the best selection of coupons in our area. You use the Red Plum Insert locator to find a paper you may want to be instead of the Indianapolis Star to get your inserts.

Here’s the papers in the local Central Indiana Area that will still be carrying the Red Plum Inserts:

  • Anderson Herald
  • Franklin Daily Journal
  • Greenfield’s Daily Reporter (Thanks, Mitzi!)
  • Kokomo Tribune
  • Shelbyville News

If Red Plum is no longer in your location, you can still order coupons through clipping services like Coupons by Dede or Coupon Clippers as well as printing them online from places like RedPlum.com, SmartSource.com, or Coupons.com. Be sure to search the coupon database for other printables as well!

Do you know of any others in the Central Indiana area that will be carrying the Red Plum coupon inserts so I can add it to my list?

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  1. 28

    Justin says

    I got a 1 year subscription to the Indy Star last December for $50 prepaid just for the coupons… been noticing the coupons have been a little light. Maybe we should start some sort of petition promising to stop our subscriptions lol

    Anyone in the Indy area know how to get papers cheaper, other than the dollar store? I’ve always considered working for their commercial routes JUST for the coupons lol

    Also, anyone know how much the stores get credited for each unsold paper? I’ve never been able to find this out when I ask.

  2. 29

    Alex says

    I am so happy I came accross your website!! I have book looking for a matchup website from indiana forever! :) I will be contributing alot of my own matchups!

  3. 30


    I have to say, this is sad, because none of the Kokomo Tribune inserts (SmartSource or Red Plum) ever compared to the quality of the nice, high value, good selection of coupons that WAS in the Indy Star. Even now, the 1 SS I get in the Star, is thicker than the 1 SS + 1 RP from the Tribune.

  4. 31

    Starla says

    I live an hour northeast of Evansville. I always get the Indy though. The Evansville paper is not worth it for the coupons. Last week I ordered mine RP off ebay.

  5. 33

    Katie says

    I’m on the west side of Indy & I got my coupons yesterday. If you look on the side, it’s even dated 5/2/10, so we get them a few days earlier than before. But I’m with Jen, I’m seriously thinking about cancelling my subscription or at least use it as a way to negotiate a lower rate.

  6. 34

    Jen says

    I live in Danville, IN and my Red Plum insert came in my mail yesterday. It didn’t look like it would have been missing any coupons. Now…to decide if I’m going to keep my Indy Star subscription strictly for the P&G and SS inserts. May have to stop my subscription and by them at the dollar store on Sundays. It’s cheaper that way.

  7. 35

    Michelle says

    The RP coupons in Franklin’s Daily Journal are not always the same as the Star insert. Usually it is the best coupons missing. But, they are better than the insert I get in the mail from RP which is mostly pizza coupons.

  8. 37

    Sherri says

    ARGH! So I got my RP insert today. I’m really aggravated b/c I really like having multiple sets of coupons…and buying the Sunday paper let me get multiple. Now I have 1 set of RP, unless my neighbors would be so generous as to give me theirs. That would be nice. My mom lives in Franklin, but I hate asking her to buy me several Daily Journals. Bummer.

  9. 38

    Corey says

    I am hoping it is just a cruel trick because the star was supposedly not supposed to have it this last Sunday. If it only comes by mail that probably means they are trying to limit them. It also makes buying the newspaper less appealing to me.

    • 40

      Alexis says

      I’ve requested through this site multiple times over the past two years and have never gotten coupons — just the store ads. So, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one!

  10. 41

    Kari says

    In areas where they don’t put it in the newspaper, you can request that it be mailed to your home.

    The Louisville Courier-Journal still has it too, if they sell it up there.

  11. 42

    Kristine says

    I live in Lafayette and usually buy several Stars on Sunday morning. I will just have to order coupons if the Stars are no longer carrying the RP inserts. This really upsets me. The Journal & Courier inserts are nothing compared to the Star.

  12. 43

    Dawn says

    I just emailed the IndyStar to inquire about this. If this is in fact true, I will be stopping our subscription–this is the only way I justify the monthly cost of the newspaper. How frustrating.

  13. 44

    Mel says

    I don’t live in your area, but I receive RP inserts in the mail on Wednesdays. The only problem is that most of the coupons are not included. It’s mostly pizza/mattress ads with a few coupons. I just have to order my inserts from Coupons by Dede.

  14. 45

    Kristina says

    I live in West Lafayette and haven’t gotten any notices in the Journal and Courier about the RP inserts going away. Our local paper is still listed as a source using the locator. Hope it stays that way! I also get the Star for the extra coupons, but I might cancel it now.

  15. 46

    nkh1027 says

    I receive the Shelbyville News and sporadically am missing either the Red Plum or other flyer inserts in my paper. I began by communicating with the newspaper and received…uh, don’t know what happened…excuses. Now, if I am missing an insert and email an inquiry, they simply ignore my emails. If it wasn’t for the coupons, I would not subscribe to the newspaper, but they don’t seem to care.

  16. 47

    shawnna says

    I got the same message in the RP flyers that come during the week (in the mail) also. Hopefully we won’t be missing out on this great insert!

  17. 48

    Donia says

    As of this past Sunday, we are still getting them in Bloomington in the Herald Times. Hope that doesn’t change :/.

  18. 49

    Sara says

    I live by Eagle Creek Park and I get the sale ads on Wednesday from Red Plum. There is always next week’s coupons inside! I can’t remember when this started, but it’s been a few months. It’s super nice to get next’s weeks coupons a few days early! I’m bummed the Indy Star will no longer carry RP, but hopefully they will still arrive in the mail on Wednesdays.

  19. 50

    Alexis says

    Are you serious? Wow… that stinks! I know I’ve signed up multiple times on the redplum.com to have my coupons mailed to me and have never received them. Let’s hope they do come in the weekly ads on Thursday.

  20. 51

    Erin says

    I received something from RP last week that said the RP inserts will now come in the Thursday ad package that we get…we’ll see. I live in Fishers, IN

  21. 52

    Nikki says

    I live in Zionsville, and receive a pack of sale flyers and such every Wednesday from Red Plum. Last week’s had a notice on the back that the coupon inserts would start appear in the sale flyer packs on Wednesday instead of the Indy Star. My sister lives in the 96th & Ditch area, and received the same notice. Hope this helps!

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