Now Closed: Win it: $50 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway


Who couldn’t use a Home Depot Gift Card? I have so many projects on my “to do” list, I know I could have it spent easily. Right now is a great time to purchase one and a great Valentine’s Gift for your sweetie!

Now through February 28, The Home Depot is offering a commemorative “Dream” gift card celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.When you purchase a collector’s edition “Dream” gift card, The Home Depot with donate 5% of all sales to the Center for Civil and Human Rights, up to $1 million dollars. The donation will assist in the building a permanent exhibition home for his personal writings and papers. You can learn more by watching a short video at

The collection of original documents by Dr. King includes more than 10,000 items, among them 7,000 handwritten notes spanning from 1946 to 1968. They include drafts of his “I Have a Dream” speech, his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” other theological writings and his Nobel Peace Prize addresses. The King Papers will be part of the exhibition offering of The Center for Civil and Human Rights.  The Dream cards can be purchased at any store, or online at

Home Depot has offered a $50 Gift Card for one lucky reader!

How to Win?

Easy Entry: Leave me a comment with what inspires you!

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Ends February 13th around 8am EST. (As long as you can still comment you can enter!) Winner, chosen by,  will be announced by 2/13/09 and I will contact you to get you set up online. (If winner doesn’t respond to my email within 48 hours, I will pick another winner.)

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  1. 331

    Olga says

    My boys inspire me to carry on, and keep me so busy and occupied that it does not leave me much for any room for extra worries or guilt, keep going is my motto, and with kids that’s all you do, is keep going till the day is over. My mom is an inspiration to me as well, one strong woman, and I love them all!

  2. 336

    Cheryl F. (The Lucky Ladybug) says

    I’m inspired by books, movies, and positive people who make a difference :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  3. 341

    AJacobsen says

    Of course I have to say that my children inspire me! Not only by their appreciation of all things, but they inspire me to be a better mom and a better christian example.

  4. 342

    Julie says

    I am inspired by my children when they see knew things or realize new ideas / concepts in the world. I am also inspired when I read books about people realizing their potential in the world.

  5. 358


    My daughter inspires me! She makes me want to be a better person, to slow down and look at what really matters, to enjoy every moment in life, to not take anything for granted. Being a mom is the best!

    jennys last blog post..Smooth Away- a review.

  6. 360

    denise says

    I would have to say my church family inspires me. There are so many people that need help! It’s fun to reach out and connect with them!

  7. 363

    Maria Scott says

    My family inspire me especially my 2 year old daughter.

    Maria Scotts last blog post..FREE 7 Day Pass to Bally Total Fitness

  8. 365

    Jennie A says

    My daughter inspires me. She has dyslexia, and learning to read and write is very hard. She struggles so hard, but never gives up. She is my inspiration! She is 8.

    Enter me please. My hubby would love that prize!

  9. 366

    Alice Holbrook says

    I am inspired by my sister-in-law, Rebekah. She is serving as a missionary/teacher at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic for 2 years. She inspires me to be content and to be a more creative mom :)

  10. 378


    Those who see a need, know it could and very well may cost them everything, but go to work anyway, because they know it is the best and right thing…no matter what.

    The prayer of a little child. :)

    Chantels last blog post..Let Go

  11. 381

    Selina says

    Bedding inspires me – there are so many unique styles out there and makes me think of all sorts of things I can do. Thanks for the chance at this – I have a whole craft room that needs organized and this could help greatly! iclipalso(at)yahoo(dot)com

  12. 384

    Jennifer says

    My husband inspires me to live a healthier lifestlye.

    donnellyjen (at) hotmail (dot) com

  13. 385

    Flak says

    What inspires me any movie or television series that strives to be art. Or at least, tries to be more than just a movie or TV show. Not enoug people appreciate television for the medium it can be (The Wire, Life on Mars, Buffy/Angel/Firefly etc.) but I’m glad I o.

  14. 386

    Sierra rendon says

    Things that inspire me: Pretty colors and funky designs; my children and my mother; travel magazines; vintage Pyrex; imaginative books; the Biggest Loser; the Bible and my beautiful friends!

  15. 388

    Annmarie says

    I am inspired by my wonderful husband, who works so hard to support his family and is a marvelous father who always has time for his children!

  16. 390


    What inspires me is seeing people being polite and cheerful. It’s sad that it’s so rare to see but it makes me feel that people are basically nice.
    hematopoiesis at hotmail dot com

  17. 398

    julie g says

    My kids inspire me to keep on going everyday even when things get tough:0) they brighten my day….

  18. 401


    Music inspires me, especially film music (original scores) because I love movies. When I hear a good theme in a movie, I have to go to the piano and play it, which then inspires me to compose my own.

    Penelope Pinces last blog post..Frugal, Unique and Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gift & Date Ideas, Plus Budget Tips

  19. 403

    HomeBizLiz says

    I’m following you on Twitter.
    I see you’re from Indy, I’m in NW Indiana, small world.
    Twitter ID – HomeBizLiz

  20. 407

    Yvonne Butler says

    My granddaughter in college inspires me. She volenteers at a youth center for under privialed children and is majoring in Christian Social Work. She is never down but a Christian roll model for anyone. And no she is not ugly, she is a beautiful girl with a personality that draws both young and old to her. She befriends everyone. I wish I could be as trusting as she is. She has overcome adversity that it would take too long to tell you the story of her background.She makes me want to be a better person.

  21. 411

    Jess says

    I’m inspired by the work I do. I plant trees and do habitat restoration, and sometimes I’ll see swans and eagles, or killdeer. I feel so lucky to be outside every day.

  22. 412

    DebbLou says

    My children inspire me to be a better person. My internet inspires me with all the wonderful bloggers that inspire me to save more money, be more creative, to be happy with what I have and feel lucky for my blessings.

  23. 419

    Charlotte (Life's a Charm) says

    thumbs up in stumble by charm32

    Charlotte (Life’s a Charm)s last blog post..$50 Gift Card to Home Depot

  24. 420

    Charlotte (Life's a Charm) says

    i subscribed
    google reader

    Charlotte (Life’s a Charm)s last blog post..$50 Gift Card to Home Depot

  25. 423

    Charlotte (Life's a Charm) says

    i am always inspired by work of art and good music..

    great giveaway!

    Charlotte (Life’s a Charm)s last blog post..$50 Gift Card to Home Depot

  26. 426

    stephanie says

    My 4 children, some books, and the word of God inspires me. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.

  27. 429

    karen L says

    My son inspires me. Despite his severe ADD, he has completed a college degree and is working on his masters. In addition, he tutors low income and children with disabilities. With his personal experiences he has been able to bond with those children who are struggling in school and has managed to make a real difference. We are so proud of him.

  28. 431

    judy brittle says

    My grandchildren inspire me to be a better person. They are all so wonderful and loving!

  29. 433

    Alexis says

    I am inspired by my mother. She left her home country and raised me and worked to support our family. She’s the best!

  30. 435

    Samantha says

    I am inspired by my grandparents. They are amazing people who have had amazing lives and who are so giving

  31. 438

    Kathleen says

    I’m inspired by nature, other cultures, and seeing what people make with their hands.

    Kathleens last blog post..Review/Giveaway: Barefoot Books

  32. 445

    Jennifer Daugherty says

    My 4 year old son inspires me. He is so eager to learn and whats to know how things work or why and I get inspired teaching him and helping him learn all he can!
    Jennifer Daugherty

  33. 448

    Tiffany says

    Weekends inspire me. I try to get all my work done during the week so we can all relax as a family on the weekend. I try to think about the weekends when I feel unmotivated, and that usually gets me moving!

  34. 449

    Heather Summerford says

    My children inspire me. They inspire me to be a better person to be patient and to be calm!!
    Heather S.

  35. 451

    Rebekah says

    My children inspire me. Yes, that’s sappy and cheesy, but my two boys were miracle pregnancies and births, and when I look at them and remember, I am inspired.

    Rebekahs last blog post..I do not like my kids to scare me.

  36. 453

    Lori Z. says

    Other moms in my life–friends, bloggers, my mom…they all inspire me to be more patient, diligent, attentive, creative and generally a better person. Thanks!

  37. 460


    I am inspired by my husband. He works long hours without complaint so that I can stay at home with our newborn daughter. He doesn’t mind my whirlwind coupon cutting and even helps me bargain hunt on the clearance racks. :)

    Devons last blog post..Welcome to Winterwood Press!

  38. 462

    Ann B says

    I have been itching to paint my bedroom for quite some time..this would take away all those, “I can’t afford the paint right now” excuses..

  39. 464

    Stacy d says

    I get really inspired when I look at mid-century photos. Something about that era makes me really excited and creative.

  40. 466

    Kimberly says

    I’m inspired by my family. These beautiful people make me want to be a better person and live the best life that I can, both for myself and for them. They inspire me to be the best mom and wife that I can be, to remember that life is a learning experience, and to always keep an open mind. I love my family and all that they mean to me!

  41. 471


    My husband and all the other service members out there unselfishly giving up so much for me and my family everyday…. and my daughter’s who leave me in amazement with all the wonder there still really is in the world..

    Lisa C.s last blog post..Superbowl Countdown Over

  42. 472


    I am inspired to be a better person on a daily basis for my children. I had a wonderful role model in my mother and she is what I aspire to be as a mother. It’s amazing what you will do to be a great parent!

    Kendra Fields last blog post..Halftime Show in 3D?

  43. 474

    Tia says

    My mom inspires me and my children inspire me as well. I always think about what I would say to them or tell them to do and even if it’s something hard for me, I tell myself that I’m ultimately doing it for them and I can pull through and do it. Love them! :)

  44. 476

    billie says

    My husband. He is always telling me to try things when I express an interest even if I don’t think I’ll succeed.

  45. 477

    Malaika says

    My kids inspire me. Nature inspires me and random acts of kindness between strangers inspire me.

  46. 480

    cari king says

    Photography inspires me to catch the best in every person/animal. Everyone is beautiful and its so great to catch that in photos.

  47. 487

    Stephanie Matthews says

    I am teacher and my rotten little first graders inspire ME!!

    I would LOVE to have this gift card because on Tuesday morning I woke up to the sink in our bathroom with out the pop up thing in the drain. My husband said that he must have pulled the stopper up to quickly and the piece that holds it on snapped. (This is our first house, we moved in a little over a year ago, and the house was built back in ’77) Needless to say I am in the need to make a trip to

  48. 498

    Amy B. says

    My grandmother inspires me. She is 84 and has went through a lot and still gives all the love she can. Thanks for the chance.

  49. 502

    erica s says

    seeing all the creative blogs out there inspires me. there is so much talent! it makes me want to create more!!

  50. 503


    I work with kids with disabilities and they inspire me–and thier parents. I love what i do and wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world….well, maybe. It really puts a lot into perspective and teaches you a lot about life.

    I could SO use this,i have about 30 gazillion projects going on in our house right now!

  51. 504

    BevE says

    Springtime inspires me, my children inspire me to be a better Mom and my church inspires me to be person. If your open to it I would say that there’s inspiration just about everywhere.
    Even in a contest : D I just subscribed, so please enter me – Home Depot has plants right? and spring is coming ;)

    BevEs last blog post..Bookshipper is having a Giveaway!

  52. 505

    Marie says

    Going outside everyday inspires me. What a wonderful gift God has given all of us. Nature.

  53. 506

    Megan says

    What inspires me? Literally, the blogs in which I read about hundreds of dollars being saved. I live in a small rural town with a walmart and two local grocery stores so I don’t always get all the “great” deals…but I’m saving none the less!

  54. 509

    Nancy says

    my daughter in college inspired me. She is beautiful, smart, talented and full of potential. She is like a flower bud just opening and she is just now learning how absolutely beautiful and capable she is. She inspires me daily!

  55. 513

    Mary_Freebies says

    What, or rather who, inspires me: hard working friends!

    Mary_Freebiess last blog post..Blog Contest: $15 Cash via PayPal

  56. 519


    What inspires me? I think I’ve heard this question before. Hmmm… My children. My children always amaze me. I love all five of them the same. This much {———————————————————————-} You get it! :)

  57. 521

    Darcy says

    My mom inspires me. She worked and raised a family, and has taught me that having patience is vital in raising children.

  58. 523

    Clarice says

    I’m inspired to LIVE every time I see the ocean. Just breathing in the fresh air makes you happy to be alive, and to make the best of your life!

  59. 526

    Betsy Retherford says

    I would have to say that music inspires me. It helps pump me up in the morning and relaxes me on my drive home after a long day.

    Betsy Retherfords last blog post..9 months old…

  60. 558

    rebecca says

    I am also an email subscriber, and you’re right, the magazines do come, from following your newsletter, I currently receive cosmo and the Robb report!

  61. 560

    rebecca says

    What inspires me right now is the thought of getting pregnant and a new beautiful baby!! I love seeing pregnant women and moms who are in love with their kids, it’s great to see.

    (I am not a freak, just undergoing infertility treatments, have #4 IUI tomorrow)

  62. 562

    Teresa says

    Home Depot! I love Home Depot and there are so many things I need from that great store! I’m inspired by acts of heroism! For example, I was very inspired by all the people that immediately rushed to save the people from the plane that landed in the Hudson River.
    TRigell at aol dot com

  63. 563

    Jenn says

    I am inspired by foreign missionaries who make great sacrifices to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  64. 573

    Beth says

    Our minister’s wife inspires me. She is a gentle caring person who always has a kind word for everyone. Her faith is not be questioned and I would love to be more like her.

  65. 576

    barbara says

    my daughter-in-law inspires me. she and my son have had a tuff time financially the last couple of years. she never seems to get her down. she is a great mom and wife. she inspires me to keep a positive attitude.

  66. 587


    I am inspired by wonderful colors! You know…the ones that just pop out at you and pull you in and make you wish you could capture them for all of eternity, all while knowing full well that a photograph could never encapsulate all that you see before you. Those kinds of colors.

    Jingles last blog post..Fancy Felt Fancies

  67. 593

    Laura says

    What inspires me is my mom. She has raised 8 children by herself. All have gone to college and are doing well. I have 3 kids and can see how much work just 3 is and she did 8. Amazing and inspiring.

  68. 596

    Kerrie says

    I’m inspired by the outdoors! I could stay outside, any season, taking pictures all day…I love going to different places and watching the weather change!

    Kerries last blog post..I’m very sorry in advance…

  69. 599

    Carol says

    My husband and children inspire me. I look at them and realize, WOW, I am so blessed, lucky, fortunate to have these people in my life.

  70. 602


    I am inspired by: confident women, walking in the trees, lace, earthy colors, quiet time, new challenges, old books, crafty women, coffee and chocolate.

    Babas last blog post..The Stone House

  71. 605

    Alibi says

    Since it’s a Home Depot Gift Card, what inspires me is HGTV.
    They always make everything look so easy, and they really do have a lot of great ideas for fixing up and decorating your home, it makes me want to do something to make mine just as nice ,at least I try ;)

  72. 607

    Laura F says

    My inspirations change daily (other than the obvious – God, my family, etc). I’m usually inspired by someone new each day. Whether it be someone I see doing a kind deed for someone else which inspires me to do the same or using a coupon to save money which inspires me to keep going and not give up even though it’s a lot of work (less w/ your help tho! THANKS! LOL).

  73. 609

    Laura Lee says

    AND I twittered it! I really REALLY could use that card!

    Laura Lees last blog post..This week’s shopping!

  74. 612


    My neighbor who is the ultimate “earthmom” is turning me into a greenie too–kicking and screaming, I might add, but it’s working! I’m finally excited about all the changes. Right now on my list is a set of new landscape lights that are solar powered. And living down in hurricane central, the solar power could drastically come in handy! (So see, the home depot card is already spent!)

    Laura Lees last blog post..To Clear It Up

  75. 615


    My pregnancy has inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle. I am more aware of the environment and what actions affect it.

    member (dot) thao (at)

    Thaos last blog post..32 Week Update

  76. 617


    i’m inspired when i’m caught up on sleep and my kids and husband are out of the house…ha! i hate speaking the truth! thank you for this opportunity!

  77. 618

    Mo (Un-Mainstream Mom Reads) says

    I subscribe to your feed :o)

    Mo (Un-Mainstream Mom Reads)s last blog post..45. Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven by Susan Jane Gilman

  78. 619

    Mo (Un-Mainstream Mom Reads) says

    My daughters inspire me … to be a better person, to give to those less fortunate, to be as kind as possible … knowing that my actions shape their lives and futures inspires me to try harder.

    Mo (Un-Mainstream Mom Reads)s last blog post..45. Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven by Susan Jane Gilman

  79. 620


    The drive to be debt free and not owe anyone money drives me! Also knowing that I can get the things my family needs while keeping our finances in order also drives me.

  80. 623

    astha says

    people with far more problems but still smiling and sharing what they have that inspires me (i crib about so many irrelevant trivial things :-().

  81. 628

    ColleenM says

    I am inspired by the young girls in my girl scout troop. They love to do things for others. How nice it is for me to be able to help them with these acts of kindness.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. 630

    amy says

    this might sound dumb, but i’m inspired by my neighbors. we just moved into a house in a new neighborhood and EVERYONE on this block recycles…so i was inspired to start recycling. the other day, the first sunny day since the monsterous snow storm we had, all the neighbors were out shoveling their sidewalks and driveways…so i got off my butt and started shoveling too. they inspire me to plant flowers and have craft parties with the neighbor kids. i don’t think i’d have the motivation to do half the things i do now if i didn’t move here and feel the pressure to keep up with the jones’s =) but it’s good for me and i’m thankful for it.

  83. 634

    Carolyn G says

    People who volunteer. I have worked at non-profits for a long time and I am always amazed at the people who take time from their lives to help others. I have had people come in and stuff envelopes, feed the hungry, clean apartments, answer phones and staff the numerous events that I am involved in. The dedication shown by all volunteers everywhere gives me hope that people do care.

  84. 635

    Tena says

    I’m subbed via Google Reader.

    Tenas last blog post..Ensure Multipack ‘Try Me Free’ RebateExpires December 31, 2009

  85. 636

    Tena says

    inspires me? The gospel.

    Tenas last blog post..Ensure Multipack ‘Try Me Free’ RebateExpires December 31, 2009

  86. 646


    I have to say it’s my mom. She taught me so many things when I was growing up in addition to raising my sister and I on her own with very little money. When I was 10 she went back to school and got her college degree. I didn’t realize until I was a mom how hard that must have been for her; working, raising two little girls and going back to college.

    Michelles last blog post..A Sonnet of Style-The HP Mini Vivienne Tam

  87. 649

    Elizabeth says

    The things that currently inspire me include: nature, President Obama, my sisters, and all the great blogs I read!

  88. 655

    Jean D. says

    My daughter’s writing inspires me. She’s so gifted. I believe she will make an important impact on the world. Heck, she already has.

    Thanks for your generous giveaway!

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