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Nexus 10

I have a fantastic giveaway for ya’ll! I know you are going to love this as we are loving it! We are giving away a Google Nexus 10″ Tablet ($399 value.)

We’ve tried several tablets over the years and are owners of a couple of iPads in different generations. Nothing has compared to my iPad until we tried the Nexus tablet – which rocks! It also gets the 12 year old seal of approval, who normally says “this sucks.” You know typical I’m too cool attitude. The speed and graphics of this tablet have him excited about this tablet.

IMG_5022As a mom, I’m loving it because it has several cool features that I don’t have on my other tablet.

  1. User accounts. I can set up accounts for each member of the household. They can customize their tablet experience to fit them and I don’t have to see all their games and junk downloaded in my account. I also feel like my email and other accounts have a little protection from the accidentally sending emails or deleting emails or contacts from my account.
  2. Google Now. This is super cool. Basically, it will automatically keep track of package delivery, flight changes, weather, with just the scroll of a button. It saves me a little time when every second counts in the busy mornings.
  3. Google Hangouts. I’m pretty new to Google Hangouts but you can have a video chat in a Google Hangout with this tablet. I’m super excited to try this function with the kids next time I’m traveling.
  4. Play Store. You can download many free apps from the Play store. The first app I downloaded was the Kindle App. The pages turn super smooth on this app on the tablet.
  5. Super Light and thin. I currently use a iPad 2 and the Nexus is thinner and lighter. I also have just a book cover, which makes it even lighter.
  6. Sphere Camera. This is so cool and so easy to use. It makes taking a panoramic photo so easy by doing all the stitching itself. Snap pictures in whatever direction and the system does the work!  I had a little fun below and need to play with it more!

PANO_20121222_150840 (1)

Other specifications and features: 

  • Camera: 5MP (Main), 1.9MP (Front)
  • 16GB or 32 GB Internal Storage
  • 2GB ram
  • CPU Dual Core A15
  • GPU Quad Core Mail T604
  • Android 4.2
  • 9000 mAh Lithium polymer battery
  • Accelerometer
  • GPS
  • Gyroscope
  • Barometer
  • Ambient Light
  • Compass
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi 802.11
  • Micro USB
  • Dual Side NFC
  • Magnetic Pogo pin charger
  • Micro HDMI
  • 3.5mm headphone jack

Overall it rocks because of the graphics, speed, and cool google integration. So how would you like to win one for yourself?

How to Win?

Prize: Nexus 10″ Tablet + Book Cover


You can enter up to 4 times with the following methods:

1. Leave a comment: What is your favorite feature?

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  1. 374

    Robyn Dowling says

    I love the size and would love so much to win one of these for my autistic daughter. Thanks !

  2. 378

    Rae Downing says

    I am a subscriber & love your blog. The Google Now feature is great & I could track you so much easier! I am feeling lucky :)

  3. 379

    Jacqui says

    My favorite feature is the camera out! Having 3 kids, it’s great to be able to take pics BOTH ways!!!!

  4. 386

    Melissa says

    I like that its an e-reader and tablet. That its fast
    and had so many functions. My coworker has one
    and it really is a neat piece of equipment. Wanted one for Christmas and
    didn’t get one. Fingers crossed!!!!

  5. 392

    Sara says

    I’d love to have one of these! I’m not sure what my favorite feature is because I don’t have one! :)

  6. 403

    Kelly Finton says

    I LOVE the camera capabilities on this tablet!!!! Thank you for the opportunity for winning!

  7. 418

    Brandy Jallow says

    My kids love tablets.
    I would like a tablet that allows for adobe flash reader.
    This would be awesome!!!

  8. 421

    Jennifer P. says

    I like that it has dual cameras. My daughter is heading off to college and could use this for her online webcam-based class.

  9. 422

    Jennifer P. says

    I like that there are dual cameras. My daughter is heading off to college and could use that for her online webcam-based class.

  10. 425

    Leah says

    I love the speed of the Nexus 10 along with it’s size but, my favorite is the 5mp rear camera. I would love to have this tablet it would be my first. God bless. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

  11. 440

    Stephanie Spike says

    Thanks for the contest! Wow it has 2 gb ram?? That’s cool. I have never owned a tablet or e-reader and so badly want one!!! I have you on fb and I get your newsletters on my other email account.

  12. 450

    Michelle says

    I already get your FABULOUS newsletter! My favorite feature is the different accounts. I have lots of games on my iPhone from my daughter. It would be great to just see the stuff that I need.

  13. 453

    Annesley Helmstetter says

    I would love to win one of these….I am both a facebook fan and get your emails as well! Please pick me. Thanks. I never win anything on these sites! :/

  14. 476

    kim accius says

    I love the the customization of the different account set up and I am subscribed to your newsletters and I am taking full advantage of all your deals.

  15. 481

    Becky says

    I have never used an iPad or a Nexus, so I’m sure most any feature would quickly become a favorite if I had a Nexus.

  16. 494

    Melanie Durham says

    I follow on Twitter, like you on Facebook, and subscribe to your newsletters. The thing I like about the tablet is the available space!

  17. 515

    Jen says

    I like that you can set up different accounts for each household member. Would totally use that.

  18. 536

    Janice says

    This Nexus sounds fantastic. My husband has an iPad 2. It’s fun, but it’s functions seem so limited when compared to the Nexus Tablet. I would really like to own this tablet.

  19. 589

    Sharon R says

    I like that it’s so lightweight. That is such a big plus! And the google play sounds great too – compared to Apple…I am used to an android phone so this looks like it would be easy to operate.

  20. 596

    Priscilla D says

    My favorite feature has to be the Sphere Camera, I would love to be able to take a panoramic photo. I have a huge family and it’s hard to get everyone in on photos.

  21. 597

    Heather King says

    I subscribe to your email newsletter…. I love it! How else could I have entered such an awesome giveaway!

  22. 613

    Diane K. says

    I love the camera feature. I don’t have an iPad, notebook or any kind of tablet or laptop so I would love to win this. I subscribe to your newsletter and like you on Facebook

  23. 614

    Mikhail Viznyuk says

    I already have signed up for the newsletter.

    But my favorite feature of this is the fact that it is light and thin. That really does make a difference when you’re walk around campus is a mile at the minimum!

  24. 628

    cher says

    I would love to have a tablet -of any kind but this one seems spectacular! The camera and its built in function in a small device would be great. I have a smartphone and getting the pictures out is challenging for me. I didn’t know tablets had GPS? How cool. Many of the other functions I have no clue so all the features are great I am sure! How to pick a favorite?

  25. 629

    Lisa Burlile says

    I love that it is 12 yr old approved I have an 8 yr old that can’t keep her hands off my iPad this would be a perfect gift for her birthday which is two weeks after Christmas, I love that it has Wifi and its the perfect size.

  26. 640

    Vickie Heydenreich says

    I love that you can set up accounts for different family members…awesome feature!!!

  27. 662

    Marsha says

    Enjoy your bargains and would love to win a tablet! I don’t have one & it would be great instead of lugging a laptop when I’m on the go! I also like you on Facebook :)

  28. 683

    Amber Wooten says

    My favorite feature is definitely Google Now. My husband has it on his Galaxy and loves it!

  29. 691

    Wendy says

    I would think that video chat would be a great feature to connect with family members! I bet it would be pretty easy for older folk to figure out as well…tech has come along way.

  30. 692

    Jane fague says

    I love the user feature where I could set up accounts for the grandkids…I follow you on FB and get your emails.

  31. 693

    Jane fague says

    I like the user feature…I. Could set up accounts for the grandkids ……which would be great as yhey are all learning to read !! I get your emails and follow you on FB .

  32. 712

    Brandi Donley says

    I really love that you can add multiple accounts, I have 6 kids & we all know they love to have something of their own !! This would be awesome!

  33. 714

    jenn says

    hey Briana! this is so cool!
    i have to say my favorite feature is the multiple user accounts – seems so brilliant yet so simple – why has no one else thought of this?!

  34. 728

    N.M. says

    My favorite feature is truly the GPU Quad Core Mail T604 processor, which is key for certain apps.

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