Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle or Playstation 3 Move Bundle $299 + $75 Target Gift Card

If you are still looking for a Xbox 360 deal or Playstation 3 Bundle deal, you can score at Target or this week. The game bundle systems are $299.99 with a $75 Target gift card with your purchase!

Purchase the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle – $299.99 ($75 Target Gift Card w/purchase)

  • Includes: 4GB Xbox Console, Kinect sensor, Kinect Adventures game, and one wireless controller

The Playstation 3 Bundle includes 320 GB PS3 system, PS Move remote and eye, Everybody Dance game, and one wireless controller.


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    Joshua says

    i went to warner robins GA target store on tuesday morning they said they are out of stock for PS3 bundle.the guy told me they will have friday morning but also he said you can call Macon GA store which is 20 miles away.i called them when i get back home.lady who answered the phone she said they do not sell PS3 at target at all :))but she want to make sure and transfer my call to another lady which is the rudest person i ever talk in my life.she said no and turn off the phone.when i went to warner robins GA store friday morning one of the employee at electronics he said they didnt get any PS3 but Macon store has i call the Macon store to make sure before i drive there.they said they dont have any but warner robins sore has one when they checked with their i drove back to warner robins store and another rude 19 years old girl told me they had one but they sold it.everything happened in 30 minutes.i couldnt believe cause when i went to store first time they said they dont have any and in 30 minutes they sold out.when i asked to girl why they told me they dont have any while they have in their stock.she said i cant help for it we are out of it.i said thats not right and she said sometimes things are not right in life and than she went.
    it was the most horrible shopping experience for me.i will never ever go any target store also not even drive near any target store and spend one more penny.also i will let everybody know around me what kind of business they are doing.

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