“You are Just Write ” Non Candy Valentine’s Day Idea

Non Candy Valentine You Are Just Write Idea

My youngest daughter and I recently spent an entire evening creating and coming up with cute ideas for Valentine’s Day cards! These were so much fun and actually much easier than I anticipated. For you, they will be even easier as all you will need to do is print out what we have created to make your cards. Here’s another great non-candy idea that is great for classrooms. Plus, you can pick up a pack of 12 Valentine’s Day pencils for just $1 at the Dollar General Store as well as other stores too. Just punch two holes in the free Valentine’s Day printable we have posted below and slide the pencil through to create a fun and useful Valentine.

“You are Just Write ” Non Candy Valentine’s Day Idea

just write

Valentine You are Just Write

We tried both the thicker card stock type paper and just regular printer paper. Either one with work fine and I would just use whatever you have on hand to save money. Kids aren’t really going to care if it’s thicker paper so I’m fine with the inexpensive paper and it still looks nice. You can also buy smaller clear plastic bags from a craft store but I just bought a package of snack size bags from the Dollar General store for just $2 and folded these over. Again, the plain clear bags from the craft store will look nicer but kids aren’t going to notice the difference.

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