Slow Cooker Three Cheese Macaroni Recipe

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese Ingredients

This is a great recipe to use up about any cheese you have in your refrigerator. I used the cheeses we had in our refrigerator for this slow cooker macaroni and cheese recipe and it worked up really nice with a mixture of Sharp Cheddar, Colby Jack, and Smoked Swiss. Add in a little butter and milk and you have a easy and delicious dinner!

For easy clean-up, use a slow cooker liner. You may want to spray this with non-cook spray so your cheese doesn’t stick to the liner. This seriously saves so much time. I was resistant to them at first because of the price but the time I save not scrubbing down the slow cooker pan is totally worth it. Amazon has a variety of slow cooker liners for sale.

Cook your macaroni. Layer one is half of the cooked macaroni.

Layer 1


Layer half of the shredded Colby Jack cheese on top of the macaroni.

Layer 2

Layer half of the Sharp Cheddar cheese.

Layer 3

Layer half of the Smoked Swiss Cheese.

Layer 4

Repeat layers. Top with butter. Pour milk over.

Layer 5


Cook on slow for around 2.5 hours.  You can then mix it all together! Cheesy delicious!

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese Finished Picture

Most of the family enjoyed this but the little kids didn’t like the flavor of the Smoked Swiss cheese but I think it gave this macaroni and cheese a whole new dimension.
Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese Final


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2 responses to “Slow Cooker Three Cheese Macaroni Recipe”

  1. This just didn’t work out for us at all. The cheese did not turn out like a sauce; it all clumped up together and separated from the noodles. So, we had bowlfuls of greasy noodles and clumpy cheese, with extra grease left behind in the bowl. Too bad it didn’t work, because it’s a really simple recipe–maybe too simple?