Are you getting your Red Plum Inserts?

Last February, many of you were concerned that you were not getting your Red Plum Insert. I’ve heard that another big area, Philadelphia,  is no longer receiving their Red Plum inserts as well.

The fix according to Red Plum is to sign up to have the Red Plum inserts mailed to you. However, many of you have written to me or commented, that even after signing up to receive them in the mail, you are still not receiving your Red Plum Coupons or maybe even getting a flier with junk in it.

Bottom line according to my sources, it is all about money. The areas or newspaper which have they dropped, plainly were not profitable to them.They say it is to get more Red Plum inserts to more people. However, people who want them still aren’t getting their Red Plum Inserts.

So what can you do if you aren’t getting your Red Plum inserts?

  1. First check to see if there is another newspaper in your area which is carrying the Red Plum insert using the Red Plum Insert Locator.
  2. You can try to have the inserts mailed to you by Red Plum.
  3. Buy coupons you need from a clipping service like Coupons By Dede or the Coupon Clippers.
  4. Print coupons out online from,, or
  5. Finally, if you are very dissatisfied, you can email the companies who advertise their products via Red Plum Inserts. Simply let them know you would love to use their coupons to buy their product. However, you don’t have access to the coupons they are providing!

What do you think? Have you been affected by the Red Plum Outage?

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  1. 10

    Sienna Fox says

    I live in Northeast Ohio and have been affected by not having the redplum inserts. They stopped putting them in the largest newspaper here and I get the redplum “cover” but nothing but a bunch of junk about insurance, I contacted them and got no real explanation. Whats odd is that my neighbors 2 blocks over get the full redplum and the manufacturers said they don’t send them out directly so they can’t help. It sucks because I depended on those.

  2. 12

    Barbara says

    Yes I feel like I’m being cheated by not getting the Red Plum coupons. There’s so many deals I’m missing out on. Things I could be stocking up on. We havn’t recieved a Red Plum in our paper for over a year now (Central Arkansas). I sent a request for the Red Plum through email and requested it through the mail over two months ago and still havn’t recieved it. I just requested it again. Very upset at not getting Red Plum :( I buy 4 newspaper every week and only get the SS coupons. We only have two newspapers in our area and I buy them both since they both carry SS coupons.

  3. 13

    Elsie says

    I have not gotten them on 5/2 and 5/16. The Florida Times Union says that RedPlum has cut their allotment.

    I am tired of being cheated. They owe me 5 from each Sunday. RedPlum will not answer phone calls or emails.

    Shame on them.

  4. 14

    Beth Montgomery says

    Briana, I just had to stop by and say, I love the graphic. I did a double take when I saw it and then laughed :)
    .-= Beth Montgomery´s last blog ..Old Navy Weekly Update (1/15) =-.

  5. 15

    nanette says

    Shelbyville. I thought it carrier error also but I contacted the newspaper and they had already received other complaints. They checked to make sure that a delivery was scheduled and it was. They just did not receive them.

  6. 16

    nanette says

    The Red Plum insert was supposed to be in my local newspaper last Saturday but it was not. I e-mailed the newspaper publisher and she told me the inserts had been ordered but not delivered. They were however inserted in the Indianapolis newspaper. I also signed up several weeks ago to receive the insert by mail and have not seen it. Apparently Red Plum doesn’t care about the “small town” guys.

    • 17

      Briana Carter says

      Which newspaper Nanette in Indiana? In December, I noticed that I only received the Smart Source in the Kokomo paper just one week. I’m still getting Red Plum in my papers for now….so I thought it was just a carrier error for that week!

      wondering now…maybe they had the same issue about the inserts not being delivered….

  7. 18

    Abbygail says

    I used to get the RedPlum insert in the mail automatically, but about 1.5 years ago they stopped the coupons and just send out the junk fliers with the Red Plum cover and my Marsh ad. But they are still available in the paper.

  8. 19

    Trinette says

    I say yes i am affected by the Red Plum outage. I buy anywhere between 4-6 papers every sunday, but i miss out due to not getting the Red plum in them. i am lucky enough to get one set in the mail, but it does not match up to my 4-6 papers on sunday. i see these deals i could be stocking up on if i only had the coupons. but i don’t.

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