How to Reuse Broken Crayons

How to Reuse Broken Crayons

If you are like my family, you end up with tons of crayon tips. Don’t toss them. Create a new and fun crayon for your kids by making new crayons.

This is so easy and fun to do. You can even involve the kids in helping you.

First, you will want to soak the crayons with wrappers still on them in warm water for 5-10 minutes to make it easy to get the wrappers off.


You will then want to use an old muffin tin or one you can dedicate to crayon making. You can also use a muffin liner if you don’t want to ruin a muffin pan.


You can mix up the colors however you want. The kids wanted to do some color combinations like all shades of blue or green for fun.

Preheat your oven to 150 degrees.


Cook the crayons for 15-20 minutes or until they look soupy.

Then immediately put in the freezer.


It only took about 20 minutes for the crayons to set.


Then the kids had a blast experimenting with the new crayons and the special color combos!


I have a few more ideas on some things we are going to do next time to make it even more fun!

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  1. 14

    mfghdfhddfh fdhfghdfhdfhdf says

    We used to use them as color when making candles because they are cheaper than the color they sell at craft stores.

  2. 15

    cathi carpenter says

    Thanks for this….I was all set to BUY one of those fancy-dancy machines from crayola…now I don’t need to!

  3. 17


    I keep meaning to do this. We seem to have tubs and tubs of old crayons. I like the idea of using them for gifts, too! Blessings!

  4. 20

    Julissa says

    I did this in heart shapes for valentines day, for my daughters kindergarten class, she loved it. I didn’t have enough old crayons, so I went onto a freecycle group and asked for old crayons and they delivered.

  5. 22

    Shari says

    My friend did this with some old crayons and used old candy trays in the shapes of animals, flowers, etc. Super cute idea!

  6. 23

    kristen says

    thanks for all the pictures!! i actually started to take some of the wrappers off last week, and got a big bag now… i’m going to work ondoing this project with my son when his camp program is done this week.

  7. 24

    jamie says

    i did this not too long ago…taking the paper off was a pain…ha, but kids were excited about the project..we used muffin cups, and they kinda looked like receeses cups…

    • 25

      Briana Carter says

      I bought some really cool ice cube trays at Ikea this past weekend and I’m excited to try some new things with them!

      • 26

        Lisa says

        Hi, Briana:
        Great idea about the IKEA ice cube trays as they have some great designs and are cheap so you can have a dedicated crayon set. My question, can you put those in the oven okay? Have you tried it yet?

  8. 27


    Love this post. Thanks for giving such detailed directions and the pictures are a big help. I’m definitely going to do this. I’ve always wondered how people make those round crayons. A few years ago a friend gave my children a little Christmas stocking filled with multicolor round crayons. It was a huge hit!

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