“If I Were Principal For a Day” Scholarship Contest #BICFightForYourWrite

This is a sponsored post through the #BICFightForYourWrite campaign. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Back-to-School season is upon us! Every year, it feels like summer just passes by in an instant. Even so, this time of the year is a fun and exciting time for my kids, especially this year as they will be starting a new school.

Back to School

Starting a new school can be a challenge but it was a challenge my children readily accepted. I thought it would be fun to see what their answers would be to a few questions before they headed to their new school as well as work on their handwriting skills. This was also the perfect time to participate in the BICFightForYourWrite.com scholarship contest where you could win a $10,000 scholarship.Back to School Questions

When you pose these kinds of questions to your kids, you never know what kind of answers you will get. It is always interesting to read this answers and save them so that their children can read their answers in the future. It is also just a great way to get them to brush up on their handwriting skills as well as sparking creativity and critical thinking skills.

Writing is awesome especially when you have the right tools such as BIC products. I have always been a huge office supply nerd and I’m pleasantly surprised to see that my children are the same in that regard. To participate in this campaign, BIC sent us a box of pens, pencils, and paper to get started. The kids have been asking me almost daily if they could those new pencils and pens. On a side note, all the BIC products quickly and quietly disappeared into their rooms or backpacks after we were done with this writing assignment.

BIC Products

The kids sat down at the table and started getting to work on the answers to my questions! Writing with Bic Tools

Hearing the kids excited to write and excited to use their new BIC products was exciting for this office supply nerd. I found the variety of their answers so much fun! My daughter had a blast decorating her answers. I think she is ready to go back to school. I love that she answered “Math” as her favorite subject as this was my favorite subject in school too!

QandA S

To answer the “If I Were Principal For a Day,” my son had probably a fairly typical answer  of…. “I would cancel school every day.” HA!

QandA E

Considering my kids probably had not used their handwriting muscles extensively for a couple months, I think this was a great way to get in back-to-school “writing shape”!

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