5 Ways You Can Save Money on Grocery Shopping

5 Easy Ways to Save Big at the Grocery Store

Let’s face it; grocery shopping can be a chore, especially with the cost of things nowadays. At one time, we all can remember going to the grocery store and getting an ample supply of groceries for your shopping dollars. However, this has since changed. It seems that we head to the grocery store, and come back with little to show for our money. In addition, this can be disheartening for some, as groceries are a necessity!

These 5 tips may help to ease the burden on your wallet, or at least get you more groceries for your buck!

1. Always Make a List

One of the most important things that you can do in order to save some money at the grocery store, and that is to make a list. Never, even write down the stuff that you want, unless you put it at the bottom of your shopping list. Only buy the necessities, without any extra purchases. In other words, never buy on a whim.

2. Never Go Grocery Shopping on an Empty Stomach

Make sure that you have something to eat before you head out to grocery shop. This way you will be less likely to feast your eyes on frivolous expenditures. Although the item may indeed look appetizing, it may be a purchase that you cannot afford. You probably would not have bought if you were not hungry when you headed out the door.

3. Shop Alone

Unless it is an absolute must, with no other alternative, never, ever, tow along the kids when you go grocery shopping. Kids we certainly love them, but they can be quite demanding in a grocery store. Kids only see with their eyes and do not realize how much an item costs or whether you need to cut back on buying frivolous items due to the need to pay a certain bill first. We all know how the kids like to toss this and that into the grocery cart, and if we say no in a polite way, we often see the big doe eyes, begging us to leave the item in the cart. This scenario can lead to an unpleasant grocery-shopping trip, and a larger amount at the final tally. ABSOLUTELY leave your kids at home when you head out to grocery shop.

4. Choose a Generic Brand

You can reduce the amount of money you spend at the grocery store by choosing generic or store brands of a particular item. Mind you, some items of well-known brands are not easy to substitute, so skip buying this until it goes on sale. You can save money by buying certain items that are manufactured under the store brand. These items taste almost the same as the better known brands but cost a lot less. If you have already tried it out before and you simply did not enjoy the taste, try the competitor’s brand. More often then not, the competitors brand will be offered at a cheaper price. My favorite place to buy store brands is ALDI!

5. Set a Shopping Day

Make plans to go shopping on a certain day. This means not to run to the grocery store for one or two items. Plan your shopping day for every two weeks, this way you can get an idea of what is going to be on sale, as many stores rotate the promotional sales. You will also save money on gas. More often than not, these fast, dash, grocery trips, often end up with you spending more money as we always seem to be adding extras to the grocery cart. Adhering to the above tips on ways to save money on grocery shopping can and will reduce the amount that you see at the end of your grocery bill. Try to stick with this plan without altering away from it too much… and enjoy your savings!

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