Help for Haiti (Blog or Leave Comment on this post to help for FREE!)

I’ve been glued to the cable news stations the past few days watching what is happening in Haiti.

We all watch and wonder what can WE do to help? The situation is very dire in Haiti. Help wants to come but even help is having a hard time because of the logistics.

It is heartbreaking.  There is always hope in these situations to see people coming together, putting aside their political differences, and helping others.

There are many ways to help. Even if you think you don’t have much, you can make a difference.


Give. Even if you only have a few dollars to give you can help make a collective difference.

Pray. Prayers are absolutely free and the people of Haiti need them. No matter what God you believe in, please pray for the people in Haiti and the people helping in Haiti.

Blog. Now is a time we can show the power of social media (blogging, Twitter, and Facebook) and use it for good!

  • Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom, is donating $10 to Compassion’s outreach in Haiti, for each person who blogs about what they specifically did to help those in Haiti and leaves their blog link on her post.
  • Mercedes, Common Sense Money, is donating $0.25 per comment on her post for Haiti.
  • Erin, $5 Dollar Dinners, is donating $5 per comment or link.

In addition, leave your Help for Haiti blog link on this post today (1/15), and I will personally donate $5 to Food for the Poor when you leave your blog post about how you are helping. If you don’t have a blog, leave a comment and I will donate $0.25 for each comment. (up to $500 total)

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  1. 79

    Janie says

    I have listed the President’s banner on how to help. I also have sponsor Save the Children, and I have a personal essential oil harness the power of nature to kill germs all over the area. This is only one item listed. I have many other nature products that help prevent sickness and illness while the workers, helpers and the sick Haitian in a safer nature cleaning products. Non-profit groups are encourage to

  2. 81

    Jeanne Medina says

    Bargain Briana, you are inspiring me to do more! I’ve been praying ever since I learned what happened in Haiti, but wasn’t sure how to contribute. Now I’m ready to move on an idea had a while back.

    I’ve been saving all our family’s nut cans for ages. Now I have a huge box of them.

    I’m going to print up some labels for them saying ” We CAN Help Haiti and CHANGE the outcome!” Then my children and I will give them out to everyone we know,( keeping a list for weekly pick up).

    In this economy, lots of people don’t feel they can afford to help much financially, but nearly all of us have coins that weigh down our purses and pockets, that could be doing some good for people in much more difficult circumstances than we are in, here in the U.S. There’s never been a better moment to Love Thy Neighbor!


  3. 82

    benjamin4362 says

    I wish everbody just took 5-10 mins out of there day to stop and think about how those mothers the fathers and children are feeling just knowing that if something doesnt happen fast they will die. There’s nothing THEY can do at this point… But WE can, we can help save them. There’s a millon ways to help them, I’ve been giving by (txt pay)by the (internet) (calling in) the amount does not matter. A dollar can and will save someones life. Just because we cant see them dying in front of us doesn’t mean they aren’t.. Please, Im an avrage person who dosen’t ever do this, but 5 days ago I heard about this and I cant stop thinking about how it must feel to have nothing, to know you might not live to see your loved ones. Please help, it will change some bodys life…


  4. 90

    Gayla says

    I am a nurse practitioner and I donated to Project Hope which will help fund the medical volunteers aboard the U.S. Naval Ship Comfort which will be a floating hospital for the injured Haitians. It will arrive in Haiti soon.

  5. 92

    Chelsea Burgan says

    I donated $20 to the Red Cross through their website. I’m broke…what I consider to be broke, but if I really want to I can make an extra $20 somehow. I could save $20 at the grocery store or sell some books. The Haitians don’t have those resources like we do. They need our support.

  6. 93


    thank you. I will be sharing heartwarming stories that bring hope and a sense of togetherness and friendship for those who are lost and/or suffering; we all can be that friend, that someone who can make a difference, if only we look a little deeper, dare to think a little greater… in loving memory of ga
    .-= 2RealEyes´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  7. 94

    Yanay says

    United We Stand. The outreach to Haiti has been incredible. We should always united and help each other out not only in crisis.

  8. 95

    Pauline Greer says

    Thank You for doing this, God will truely bless you. I promise to pray for all the people and those helping them.

  9. 102

    Gifts For One Gifts For All Too says

    I’m giving $10 eCOUPONs to my online gift store Gifts For One Gifts For All ( to those that have donated to organizations helping the Haitian earthquake victims. When the eCOUPON is redeemed, 10% of the purchase will also be donated to organizations helping Haiti. Read my blog for more details at http:/ on how you can receive your eCOUPON for donating.

  10. 108

    Laura James says

    I saw Hillary Clinton on the Today Show and she asked people to text the HAITI then 90999 which will charge $10 to your cell phone bill. Your donation will go directly to the RED CROSS, a quick and convenient way for EVERYONE to give to this tragic situation. No one should have to suffer in such a profound way. I forwarded this message to everyone of my cell contacts. Spread the word!!!

  11. 109

    Heidi says

    We’re helping through our church ministry donation and getting the kids involved by collecting change that we will also donate. Thanks so much for donating!

  12. 114

    Barbie Baker says

    Well now I really know that I picked the right blogs to start following :) You guys are all angels yourselves for helping and promoting to get help!

  13. 117

    Carrie says

    thanks for making comment-fueled donations! I have texted my donations & am visiting new blogs to increase the donation potential :)

  14. 118

    Corrie says

    There are so many versatile ways to help! That is so awesome!! I know I’m one of those people who always wants to be able to do more but simply CAN’T!

  15. 124

    Michelle says

    I am glad you are financially able to do this and commend your social responsibility. My family is and will continue praying for the people of Haiti.

  16. 131

    Beth says

    I had 2 airlines that I had a lot of points with but won’t be flying in the near future. I donated those miles to the Red Cross today – they use them to fly their workers to areas of need.

  17. 134

    Karen says

    Thank you for doing this. I wanted to post a link to an organization that I used to work for. There are local offices all over the U.S. and overseas (including an office in Indianapolis).

    Your group or organization can help by donating money or having your church or group assemble kits for those in Haia. Click on the above web site for more information.

  18. 136

    nelricky says

    God Bless you and other blogger for giving to a great cause. I’m praying and leaving blog comments on everyone’s blog.

  19. 139

    Cyan says

    I made a donation through my church’s denominational headquarters today. Thanks for making my donation reach even farther!

  20. 140

    Anna says

    Thank you for donating, my hubby and I have friends who have family over there and he hasn’t been able to contact them. It’s so sad! Thanks for donating!

  21. 146

    Rachel says

    I am happy to see so many of the coupon, bargain and money saving sites are pitching in to help!!! You are awesome!

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