3 Months of Weight Watchers for $45

You’ve heard me discuss the fabulous cash back program called Ebates, right? Well, CashBaq is a similar program. Some of the retailers are the same, some different ones. One that Ebates does not have is Weight Watchers Online.

Here’s a way to get a 3 month online Subscription to Weight Watchers for $45. *Cash back rebates apply to online subscriptions and eTools. In-person meetings are not eligible for cash back rebates.

1. Sign up for CashBaq to receive a $5 Sign on Bonus.

2. Click on the Weight Watchers Link to receive 25% off a 3 month subscription.

3 month Subscription @ $16.95 = $50.80
One Time Registration Fee @ $29.95
Less 25% Discount = $20.20
Subscription Cost before CashBaq: $60.60

3. Once you complete your transaction, you will receive $10 in your CashBaq Account.

You have to earn over $10 to receive your first check, which you will hit if you do this transaction.  If you complete this transaction, you will receive a $15 check, the next month around the 20th after your purchased was credited to your account.

5 responses to “3 Months of Weight Watchers for $45”

  1. And if I win, I will be willing to share the outcome/result as I go along, since I really need to lose weight. I have 3 kids, and eat when I’m stressed, so this will be cool to share with others. :)

  2. I have nothing to lose but the pounds, so why not, this might as well inspire me to get on track, and stick to it. :)

  3. I was on Weight Watchers I lost 120 LBS, I’m one size away from my highschool jean size. GO ME!!!! You can do it to, I have almost no self disciplin and I did it it’s so easy. It’s NOT A DIET it’s BETTER CHOICES!

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