Extreme Couponing Season 2 Premieres 9/28

It’s back….TLC’s Extreme Couponing Season 2 Premieres on September 28, 2011.  Nothing on this show shocks me anymore. In the premiere you will see Michelle, who is a self proclaimed self clearer, take on the grocery stores.  Love it or Hate it, this show seems to still be steam rolling ahead.

I’ve written my thoughts on the Extreme Couponing show in the past. I’ve only watched a few episodes but I believe it gives a unrealistic view of couponers and couponing. This is why I teach people to Extreme Coupon Realistically with my coupon classes in Indiana.

I think most people can save HUGE on their grocery bill but a realistic goal is going to be 50% saving. You can see my methods and learn how to get started in the 15 Days of Couponing. You can also get started by printing coupons or searching the Coupon Databasefor more coupons.

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One response to “Extreme Couponing Season 2 Premieres 9/28”

  1. I also don’t like that show. It is not realistic that you can pay almost nothing for 3 shopping carts full. It also makes me sick that they don’t purchase the correct items for which the coupon states. This show gives all the coupon users a bad name.