How To Master Spring Cleaning

How To Master Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not something that one should be stressed about. It might seem like a huge job, but it really isn’t if you know how to go about it. You heard me right! Spring cleaning can be a breeze with the right attitude and a proper game plan. You absolutely can master spring cleaning, so let’s get started with some easy to follow tips:

Don’t try to be Superwoman (Or Man)

Why go out there and try to conquer the entire house in one afternoon? If you do this, you will quickly get overwhelmed. Once you reach that point, you will either begrudgingly move forward or give up until “tomorrow” comes around. Either of these options are not very good for your mastery of spring cleaning. Instead, take the job in little bites. Commit to spending a specific amount of time each day and stick to it. You will be amazed at how quickly the job gets done.

Schedule your spring cleaning tasks

The first thing you need is a good checklist of things to do {Download our FREE cleaning printables here}. Once you have a good list, schedule out each of the things you need to do. This method is a great way to tackle a house that needs a good deep cleansing. You will quickly get some momentum going and start enjoying the work even more.

Cut on the tunes

If you are working around the house, have some motivational music playing. Perhaps some tunes from your childhood or teen years are in order. Grab whatever music you can that makes you move and have a good time while you do your chores!

Enlist some help

If you do have some heavy lifting or things you can’t do yourself, don’t try to do it anyway. Head out and gather the troops! Ask family, friends and anyone else for a hand. If nobody is really available or fits the job, spend a few bucks and hire some help. Why hurt yourself trying to do something that is clearly not in your wheelhouse?

Make it worth your while

When you are done with the entire job, have a nice little carrot ready. Perhaps a trip to the spa or the swimming pool is in order. Everyone works better when they know they have an awesome reward to look forward to.

Spring cleaning is kind of like any other job that is a pain in the neck. You have to kind of trick yourself into enjoying it and you have to pace yourself.

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