Lower Your Bills by Asking for Discounts


So in our effort to lower our monthly bills to save some extra money, I made some phone calls to downgrade or cancel services. As I was doing this, several companies offered to lower our monthly rates by a significant amount for 6 months just to keep us. I didn’t take them up on the offer because we just don’t need these services anyway.  So what if you DO want to keep a service but still want to save a little extra?

Just ask. Call up your provider and tell them you are thinking of switching or canceling. Ask them if they can offer you a better rate than your current rate. It doesn’t hurt to try. One of my twitter friends say he does it every 6 months with his cable provider. Note: This probably works better in an area that has more choices. You don’t have anything to lose except a little time by calling.


This is kind of a rant but I have to let this out. One thing I did canceled was our home phone (land line). So if you know me in real life and didn’t get my email about our # switch – just call our cell phones from now on! One of the ways our phone service could have kept us is IF we would have access to DSL through their company.

We live in a rural area and only had dial up for the first year we lived here. Then a DSL “box” was put in just about a mile from our home. After 2 years of requesting service (mostly whenever I would get the stinkin’ ad for the service in my mail box), they finally told me just to give up because it wasn’t ever going to happen. One of the techs had told us it would have been a  couple hours job to run the line down our road – no big deal.

Whoever is in charge, said no way. People 1/2 mile from us have it. We have about 10 neighbors or so in our area who probably would have also signed up. Instead, we are all with the satellite internet company. Does our telephone company not know that land line telephone technology is going to be out soon. Keep up with the times, invest in technology, and give people what they want. They could have had a loyal, bundled package customer for life.

How to Save by Just Asking for Discount

P.S. It all worked out because I don’t think their DSL is as fast as our internet service and our current provider is about $10 less expensive a month.

P.S.S. I was able to save $140/month by cutting out some of the fat!